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Front Office Directory

San Francisco Giants
AT&T Park
24 Willie Mays Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 972-2000

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  • San Francisco Baseball Associates LLC

    Chief Executive Officer: Laurence M. Baer

    Principal Owners

    Laurence M. Baer
    Daniel Geller Trust
    Duane Kurisu
    A. Daniel Schienman
    Allan G. Byer
    Philip Halperin
    Peter A. Magowan
    David Schnell
    Alex Byer
    Tori Humphrey
    Jeffrey Mallett
    John Scully
    Philip Byer
    David Jenkins
    Philip D. Morais
    Scott Seligman
    William Chang
    Charles B. Johnson
    Lawrence Nibbi
    Robert L. Sockolov
    Trina Dean
    Rupert H. Johnson, Jr.
    Nancy Olsen
    Jed Walentas
    George Drysdale
    Arthur H. Kern
    Arthur Rock
    David S. Wolff
    Paul Wythes, Jr.

    Executive Office

    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Laurence M. Baer
    Special Assistant
    Willie Mays
    Senior Advisor
    Willie McCovey
    Special Assistant
    Will Clark
    Community Ambassador
    Orlando Cepeda
    Community Ambassador
    Dave Dravecky
    Community Ambassador
    Jeffrey Leonard
    Vice President, Strategy & Development
    Fran Weld
    Executive Assistant to the President & Chief Executive Officer
    Terri Guess
    Administrative Assistant
    Misha Hurd

    Baseball Operations

    Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations
    Brian R. Sabean
    Senior Vice President and General Manager
    Bobby Evans
    Senior Vice President, Player Personnel and Senior Advisor to the General Manager
    Dick Tidrow
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Felipe Alou
    Vice President and Assistant General Manager
    Jeremy Shelley
    Vice President and Assistant General Manager, Scouting and International Operations
    John Barr
    Vice President, Baseball Operations
    Yeshayah Goldfarb
    Director, Player Development
    Shane Turner
    Executive Assistant, Baseball Operations and Administration
    Karen Sweeney
    Senior Advisor, Player Personnel
    Jack Hiatt
    Senior Advisor, Baseball Operations
    Tony Siegle
    Director of Baseball Personnel Admin
    Clara Ho
    Dir. of Employee Asst. Program
    Mike Mombrea
    Manager of Amateur & Pro Scouting
    Adam Nieting
    Manager of Minor League Operations
    Eric Flemming
    Manager of Pro Video Systems
    Yo Miyamoto
    Senior Coordinator of AZ Baseball Ops
    Gabe Alvarez
    Coordinator of Baseball Administration
    Jose Bonilla
    Coordinator of Baseball Systems
    Paul Bien
    Coordinator of Organizational Travel
    Mike Scardino
    Coordinator of Edu. & Cultural Dev.
    Laura Nuñez
    Assistant, Professional Video Systems
    Patrick Yount
    Assistant, Minor League Administration
    Mike Navolio
    Major League Staff
    Bruce Bochy
    Bench Coach
    Ron Wotus
    Pitching Coach
    Dave Righetti
    Hitting Coach
    Hensley Meulens
    Third Base Coach
    Phil Nevin
    First Base Coach
    Jose Alguacil
    Bullpen Coach
    Mark Gardner
    Assistant Hitting Coach
    Steve Decker
    Asst. Coach & Vid. Replay Analyst
    Shawon Dunston
    Bullpen Catcher
    Eli Whiteside
    Bullper Catcher
    Taira Uematsu
    BP Pitcher & Video Replay Analyst
    Chad Chop
    Batting Practice Pitcher
    John Yandle
    Medical & Training Staff
    Head Athletic Trainer
    Dave Groeschner
    Head Team Physician
    Dr. Anthony Saglimbeni
    Team Physician
    Dr. Robert Murray
    Head Team Orthopedist
    Dr. Ken Akizuki
    Team Orthopedist
    Dr. Tim McAdams
    Major League Asst. Athletic Trainer
    Anthony Reyes
    Major League Asst. Athletic Trainer
    Eric Ortega
    ML Strength & Conditioning Coach
    Carl Kochan
    Sports Science Specialist
    Geoff Head
    Major League Physical Therapist
    Tony Reale
    Massage Therapist
    Haro Ogawa
    Coordinator of Medical Admin
    Chrissy Yuen
    Major League Clubhouse Operations
    Senior Director of Team Travel & Home Clubhouse Manager
    Bret Alexander
    Senior Director of Arizona Baseball Operations & ML Equipment Manager
    Alan Lee
    Senior Advisor, Home Clubhouse
    Miguel Murphy
    Home Clubhouse Coordinator
    Brad Grems
    Home Clubhouse Chef
    Joe Day
    Home Clubhouse Assistants
    Brandon Evans, James Uroz
    Home Clubhouse Attendants
    David Loewenstein, Weyland Quan, Jackson Smith
    Visiting Clubhouse Manager
    Abe Silvestri
    Visitors Clubhouse Chef
    Mark Sagrafena
    Visitors Clubhouse Assistant
    Gavin Cuddie, Ron Garcia


    Executive Vice President, Communications and Senior Advisor to the CEO
    Staci Slaughter
    Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Communications
    Lyz Socha
    Media Relations
    Senior Director, Broadcast Communications and Media Operations
    Maria Jacinto
    Senior Director Media Relations
    Matt Chisholm
    Hispanic Marketing & Media Relations Manager & Spanish Language Broadcaster
    Erwin Higueros
    Media Relations Manager
    Liam Connolly
    Media Relations Assistant
    Megan Nelson
    Media & Communications Consultant
    Joan Ryan
    Public Affairs/Community Relations
    Vice President, Public Affairs and Community Relations
    Shana Daum
    Manager, Community & Family Programs
    Bertha Fajardo
    Manager, Community & Player Relations Manager
    Bobby Baksa
    Director of Archives
    Missy Mikulecky
    Giants Community Fund
    Executive Director
    Sue Petersen
    Deputy Director
    Paul Giuliacci
    Development Director
    Carolyn Della Maggiore
    Junior Giants and Special Projects Manager
    Cassandra Hofman
    Junior Giants Manager
    Nicole Z. Catchatoorian
    Senior Coordinator, Development and Health
    Blaine Mauldin
    Junior Giants Coordinators
    Bailey West, Jennifer Day
    Peggy Della Rocchetta

    Business Operations

    Executive Vice President, Business Operations
    Mario Alioto
    Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Business Operations
    Donna Bull
    Ticket Sales/Services/Client Relations
    Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales & Services
    Russ Stanley
    Executive Assistant to Senior Vice President
    Carolyn Uroz
    Ticket Sales
    Vice President, Ticket Sales & Premium Seating
    Jeff Tucker
    Director, Season Ticket Sales
    Craig Solomon
    Senior Season Ticket Sales Executive
    Diane McDermott
    Bulk Ticket Account Manager
    Bill Dion
    Director, Business Development/Ticket Sales
    Matt Peterson
    Ticket Sales
    Brian Eck
    Ticket Sales Executive
    Alyssa Maitoza
    Ticket Sales Associate
    Alex Holden
    Assistant, Executive Sales
    Monica Franco
    Manager, Suite, Premium & Group Retention
    Ashley Campisi
    Director, Suite & Premium & Group Retention Sales
    Christian Chapman
    Account Manager, Suite, Premium & Group Retention
    Matt Belcher
    Coordinator, Suite, Premium & Group Retention
    Katie O'Connor
    Coordinator, Group Retention Sales and Service
    Laura Diaz
    Senior Manager, New Ticket Sales
    Nick Zanotto
    Ticket Sales Consultants
    Lauren Berry, Jessica Daut, Chaz Gallagher, Denis Cajina Jr., Matthew Furtado
    Ticket Services
    Senior Director of Ticket Services
    Devin Lutes
    Senior Box Office Manager
    Todd Pierce
    Ticket Systems Manager
    Ashley Connor
    Ticket Systems Administrators
    Jack Ocampo, Jason Hicks
    Ticket Operations Manager
    Krystal Haughton
    Ticket Operations Coordinator
    Jazmyn Hammons
    Ticket Operations Coordinator
    Edwin Martinez
    Client Relations
    Vice President, Client Retention & Sales Strategy
    Rocky Koplik
    Director, Client Retention & Services
    Joe Totah
    Premium Seating Retention & Services Manager
    Amanda Nichols
    Client Retention & Spring Training Manager
    Greg Marinec
    Special Projects & Client Retention Manager
    Margo Malone
    Client Retention and Services Managers
    Cindy Hernandez, Kevin Mark, Greg Collier
    Client Retention & Services Coordinator
    Erick Reyes
    Ticket Sales & Services Event Manager
    Rebecca Miles
    Premium Seating Services Assistant
    Hannah Shank
    Director, Luxury Suites
    Candice Wozniak
    Coordinator, Luxury Suites & Premium Services
    Tara Ward
    Luxury Suite Assistant
    Sammie Ferrera
    Manager, Customer Service
    Casey Baksa
    Customer Service Specialists
    Michelle Maciel, Noah Chasnoff, Kerrigan Leijon
    Strategic Ticket Services
    Vice President, Strategic Revenue Services
    Jerry Drobny
    Director, Ticket Accounting
    Kem Easley
    Business Analyst, CRM Manager
    Amy Johnson
    Manager, Sales Strategy
    Cameron Lochte
    Senior Coordinator, Ticket Processing
    Donna Dal Bazzo
    Strategic Solutions Coordinator
    Matt Simpson
    Data Warehouse Analyst
    Jonathan Delman
    Account Processor
    Callie Ballard
    Sponsorship, Business Development and Media Sales
    Senior Vice President, Sponsorship and Business Development
    Jason Pearl
    Director of Sponsorship Sales
    Brenden Mallette
    Sponsorship Sales Account Executive
    Ryan Bates, Clara Bowman, Brian Mellody
    Senior Sponsorship Activation Coordinator
    Michael Martin
    Sponsorship Activation Coordinators
    John Ryziw, Alex Sanders
    Sponsorship Sales Coordinator
    Ronan Baynes
    Sponsor and Special Event Support
    Katja Zimmermann
    Sponsorship Assistant
    Vanesssa Padrones
    Vice President, Marketing & Advertising
    Danny Dann
    Marketing and Advertising Project Manager
    Kara Gilmore
    Promotions & Special Event Services
    Senior Director, Promotions & Special Events
    Faham Zakariaei
    Director, Promotions & Event Production
    Valerie McGuire
    Marketing Coordinator, Special Events
    Rocky Dudum
    SFG Productions
    Vice President, SFG Productions
    Paul Hodges
    Video Editor/Producers
    Alyssa Royce, Everett Duran
    Anica Chavez
    Video Board Production Manager
    Colby Frank
    Motion Graphic Designer
    Angie Annett
    Iman Rodney
    Brand Development & Digital Media
    Vice President, Brand Development and Digital Media
    Bryan Srabian
    Digital Media Manager
    Becky Biniek
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Gail Tañedo Kenney
    Digital Media Coordinator
    Jen Eisenmann
    Ballpark Entertainment
    Entertainment Manager
    Sarah Loving
    Mascot Program Coordinator
    Joel Zimei
    Entertainment and In-Game Experience Coordinator
    Grace Kinder
    Creative Services
    Vice President, Creative Services and Visual Identity
    Nancy Donati
    Senior Director, Graphic Design
    Brian Bisio
    Senior Graphic Designer
    Wayland Chew
    Graphic Designer
    Kristin Bagshaw
    Graphic Designers
    Ivania Angel, Luke Merlini
    Photography Manager
    Suzanna Mitchell
    Staff Photographer
    Andy Kuno
    Vice President, Retail Operations
    Dave Martinez
    Senior Director, Retail Operations & Store Strategy
    Bonnie MacInnes
    Senior Buyer
    Dayn Floyd
    Retail Buyer, Womens, Kids & Novelty
    Lauren Porter
    Inventory Control Manager
    Paul Kelley
    Warehouse Manager
    Hector Perez
    Visual Merchandiser
    Humberto Salazar
    Buyers Assistant
    Kara Destrempe
    Retail Assistant
    Terence Ortiz
    Director, Retail Stores
    Joe Pellacani
    Senior Store Manager, AT&T Park
    David Sekavec
    Store Manager, AT&T Park
    Scott Wickersham
    Senior Store Manager, Walnut Creek
    Sheila Aujero
    Senior Store Manager, Palo Alto & Hillsdale
    Mario Lara
    Senior Store Manager, Serramonte
    Melyssa English
    Senior Store Manager, Stonestown Galleria and Embarcadero Center
    Markus Feliciano
    Store Manager, Valley Fair Shopping Center
    Lissette Lopez
    Store Manager, Union Square, Auxiliary Sites
    Jesse Garcia
    Giants Marketing Group (GMG)
    Mario Alioto
    Vice President, Business Operations
    Jason Pearl


    Executive Vice President, Administration
    Alfonso G. Felder
    Administration Project Manager
    Leslie Gelb
    Ballpark Operations
    Senior Vice President, Ballpark Operations
    Jorge Costa
    Vice President, Ballpark Operations
    Gene Telucci
    Senior Director, Security
    Tinie Roberson
    Security Manager
    Charles Allen
    Senior Director, Special Events
    Tom Zorn
    Senior Director, Ballpark Logistics and Operations
    Stan Sprinkles
    Director, Maintenance
    Randy Gomez
    Maintenance Manager
    Adan Toledo
    Maintenance Manager
    Isabel Barron
    Director, Field Operations
    Greg Elliott
    Manager, Field Operations
    Ross Groenevelt
    Systems Analyst
    Spencer Serafin
    Mail & Supply Coordinator
    Juan Nuñez
    Giants Enterprises
    Senior Vice President and General Manager
    Stephen Revetria
    Executive Assistant to Senior Vice President
    Lyz Socha
    Vice President
    Sara Hunt
    Director of Sales and Marketing
    Joey Nevin
    Director of Event Services
    Brad Hansen
    Club Manager, The Gotham Club
    Ryann Greenberg
    Event Program Manager, The Gotham Club
    Becky Fenton
    Gotham Club Membership Coordinator
    Emily McNab
    Senior Project Manager, The Yard at Mission Rock
    Leah Trafford
    Senior Race Manager, The Giant Race
    Brian Kennedy
    Giant Race Coordinator
    Alyssa Nakken
    Event Coordinators
    Alexandra Capitolo, Kim Mai
    Sales and Marketing Coordinator
    Rory Davis
    Sales Coordinator
    Ryan Carroll
    Tours Coordinator
    Ericka Urias
    The Yard Coordinator
    Laura Nichol
    Manager, Event Operations
    Jake Whitcomb
    Guest Services
    Vice President, Guest Services
    Rick Mears
    Director, Guest Services and Tours
    Alexis Lustbader
    Manager, Guest Services and Tours
    Kelli Duca
    Facilities Coordinator
    Vicki Kelley

    Human Resources/EAP

    Senior Vice President & Chief People Officer
    Leilani Gayles
    Senior Advisor of Benefits and Compliance
    Joyce Thomas
    Benefits Senior Manager
    Nicole Bivetto
    Compensation Senior Manager
    Lan Huynh
    Human Resources Specialist
    Vince Limtiaco


    Senior Vice President & Treasurer
    Lisa Pantages
    Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President, Finance and Giants Building Office Manager
    Evelyn White
    Director of Procurement
    Luis Lozada
    Giants Building Lobby Receptionist
    Anthony Horton
    Vice President, Finance
    Matt Causey
    Assistant Controller
    Laura Porter
    Accounting Manager
    Keith T. Scheeler
    Payroll Manager
    Dimitrios Manentis
    Senior Financial Analyst
    Teresa K. Jang
    Senior Accountant
    Howard Kui
    Payroll Specialist
    Maria Lopez
    Accounts Payable
    David M. Smith
    Staff Accountant
    Emma Martinez
    General Ledger Accountant
    Samantha Scott
    Retail Staff Accountant
    Sean Hall

    Information Technology

    Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
    Bill Schlough
    Vice President, Information Technology
    Ken Logan
    Senior Director, Network Operations
    Dave Woolley
    Senior Director, Application Development
    Dan Quill
    Telecommunications Manager
    Lena Boswell
    IT Project Manager
    Nancy Garcia
    Manager, Scoreboard & Video Operations
    Ben Dolinky
    System Administrator
    Jackson Wan
    Senior Application Developer /Analyst - Baseball Systems
    Michael Gries
    Database Developer -Baseball Systems
    Caleb Whang
    Application Development Specialist - Business Systems
    Alex Case
    Application Developer
    David Fujito
    Network Administrator
    Yahya Alhafid
    Senior IT Helpdesk Administrator
    Mike Dominguez
    IT Helpdesk Administrator
    Kevin Kent
    IT Helpdesk Administrator
    Jon Rillera
    Video Operations Assistant
    Justin Hui

    Legal & Government Affairs

    Executive Vice President and General Counsel
    Jack F. Bair
    Associate General Counsel
    Amy Tovar
    Government Relations Manager
    Roscoe Mapps
    Executive Assistant, Legal/Mission Rock
    Susan Herman
    Special Projects Assistant
    Claudia Hayes


    Giants Development Services
    Chief Executive Officer
    Laurence M. Baer
    Jack F. Bair
    Vice President, Strategy & Development
    Fran Weld
    Managing Director
    Jon Knorpp

    Affiliated Companies

    San Francisco Giants Baseball Club LLC
    China Basin Ballpark Company LLC
    San Francisco Giants Enterprises LLC
    Giants Development Services LLC
    San Francisco Baseball Media Holdings LLC
    SJG Ball LLC
    Seawall Lot 337 LLC
    Giants Dominican Opertations LLC

    The San Francisco Giants are dedicated to enriching our community through innovation and excellence on and off the field.