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Tampa Bay Times Ticket Tandems

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June 28-30 VS. May 24-26


Ticket Tandems

Tampa Bay Times Ticket Tandems for June 28-30 vs. Tigers

Pay one price to get your ticket to one of these great games and a Historic Moment Canvas. This offer is only available while supplies last, so take advantage today!

To pick up your Tampa Bay Times Ticket Tandem Historic Moment Canvas, proceed to the Redemption Center in the First Base Food Court on the 100-Level Concourse. Show your ticket and you will receive your item. Limit one item per ticket. Items can only be obtained on the day of the game at the Redemption Center after gates open. Offer subject to availability.

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If you already have purchased tickets to one of the above games and would like to upgrade to a Ticket Tandem, call 727-825-3209.

Tampa Bay Times Ticket Tandems with current pricing are available as part of the Early Access Presale. Please note the Early Access Presale is different than regular advanced single game ticket and Ticket Tandem pricing that will go on sale on February 23, 2013 at 10 a.m. ET. The Early Access Presale Opportunity referenced here and available NOW is an alternative purchase option for early buyers. Ticket prices for the Early Access Presale Opportunity start at $10 above regular advanced single game ticket and Ticket Tandem rates.
May 24-26

Over the past few years, Rays fans have experienced many historical moments at Tropicana Field. This exclusive canvas print takes you from the Rays first trip to the World Series in 2008, to banner raisings and to the historic night when Evan Longoria hit the Rays into the playoffs in the magical game 162. Finally, it captures the first Rays Cy Young Winner in All-Star lefty David Price. This canvas brings all the magical memories that come with being a Rays fans to your home or office.


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