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Giants SplashTix

This season, the Giants have introduced SplashTix. A unique system that stores credit on your game ticket to use toward food and beverage purchased at most ballpark concession stands or merchandise purchases at Giants Dugout Stores on that particular games day.

Here is how Splash Tix works to make the "Giants experience" even more entertaining for you, family, friends, co-workers or clients:

Important Details:

  • Splash Tix will be included in the following season ticket locations: All Arcade, View Reserved Infield, View Box Infield and View Box section 326. Also included are View Box sections 302-307, View Box section 325, and View Box sections 327-330 (rows A-C only).
  • The game ticket that holds the stored value must be treated like cash. If a SplashTix is lost or misplaced, it cannot be replaced. We urge fans to keep all SplashTix in your possession once you enter the ballpark and throughout the game!
  • The value stored in each ticket EXPIRES at the end of each game. This means that stored value may only be used as payment toward the cost of food, beverage and merchandise purchased on the game day stated on the ticket. Simply stated, USE IT OR LOSE IT!
  • SplashTix value cannot be accumulated over time. Each SplashTix carries value for use on that game day ONLY. Once the ticket has been redeemed there is no value left. If you purchase something for less than the full value stored on the ticket, you will not receive the difference back in cash. However, the value remaining may be used for purchases until the end of the game.
  • Fans may use more than one ticket to pay for a transaction. However, if you purchase an item for a price that is less than the combined stored value, you will not receive the difference back in cash but the value remaining may be used for purchases until the end of the game.
  • Stored value is non-refundable and stored value cannot be redeemed for cash.

  • The barcode is necessary for the stored value in the SplashTix to be redeemed. In order to redeem the value stored in the ticket, fans must have the ticket in their possession and present it at the participating concession stands at time of payment. It is not possible to use stored value if you do not have your game ticket with you.
  • If fans sell your SplashTix on StubHub or Relay your tickets electronically, the stored value WILL transfer to the new recipient. Fans may want to let the buyer or the person to whom you transfer tickets know that each game ticket does have value that can be redeemed on that game day at participating concessions and at the Dugout Store. Please remind SplashTix buyers that the value expires at the end of the game.
  • Participating concessions are located on each level of the ballpark: Promenade, Club and View Levels. SplashTix will not be accepted at certain specialty stands and carts, including, Compadres, Orlando Cepeda's Caribbean BBQ, Kettle Korn carts, coffee/ice cream carts.
  • In-park vendors selling in the stands are not able to accept Splash Tix.
  • When you wish to use the stored value on your ticket at a concession stand in the ballpark, you will want to confirm with the person helping you that they accept the stored value before placing your order, to avoid any inconvenience on your part.

Concessions that DO NOT take Stored Value are:

Ballpark Snacks & Espresso Desserts
Bayside Brews Beer Cart
Bibba's Negro League Specials
Build A Bear
Ca. Wine Bar
Cervazas Cart

Cuervo Cart
Diamond Nuts Stands
Doggie Diner Cart
Dreyers / Tully's Coffee Cart
Fabulous Fry Breads Cart
Fantasy Photos
Fresh Catch Stand

Ghirardelli Cart
Lemonade Cart
Orlando's BBQ
Peanuts & Beer Cart
Popcorn Cart
Speed Pitch