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Junior Giants Week 2: Health

Week 2: Health

Coaches & Team Parents

At Bat

At Bat This Week

  • Collect your HEALTH Word of the Week pack.
  • Introduce the Health program by reviewing the following items with players:
    • Healthy Habits tracking sheet
    • Belt's Boot Camp: Video on this page with exercise ideas from Brandon Belt

Word of the Week

Word of the Week Talk

  • Define the word HEALTH: Taking care of your body by eating good foods, drinking water and exercising.
  • Begin a conversation about health. Remind your players that water is better for our bodies than sugary drinks (soda, juice and sports drinks). Drinking water hydrates and keeps our cells and organs functioning properly. Athletes like the Giants drink lots of water every day to perform their best on the field. Encourage a soda-free summer for the rest of the season!

Next, ask your players the following questions:

T-Ball (5-6 years old)
1. Name your favorite fruit or vegetable.
2. What is exercise? Why is it good for you?
3. What is one healthy activity that you can do at home with your family this week?
4. How many glasses of water do you think you drink each day? Can you drink more?

Minors (7-9 years old)
1. Name as many fruits and vegetables as you can. Name other healthy snacks and drinks.
2. What do athletes do to get ready for their games and practices? (Reference Healthy Habits Poster)
3. How can you exercise at school or at home?
4. Why is it important to drink water every day?

Majors (10-13 years old) & Seniors (14-18 years old)
1. Why is it important to eat fruits and vegetables? How can it help your athletic performance?
2. What is your favorite healthy snack?
3. What are three new physical activities you want to try this summer?
4. What is one sugary drink you could replace with water this season?


Report to Boot Camp! Check out and follow Brandon Belt as he teaches you his favorite exercises.

End of Practice

End of Practice

  • Practice the Junior Giants Cheer and continue to chant it together at every game and practice this season!
  • Pass Health Baseball Card to all players and remind them to enter the answer to this week's trivia question on as part of the Junior Giants Sweepstakes*!
  • Provide a water bottle to players who successfully completed their Healthy Habits tracking sheet.
  • Encourage players to follow Belt's Boot Camp on so they have fun exercises to try this summer.
  • Take a photo of your team with their water bottles and post it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #jrgiants.
  • Make sure you check with players' parents before you post a photo of their child.

*For full rules, please visit

Items to Track

Items to Track in SIPLAY This Week:

  • Health Card
  • Healthy Habits Tracking Sheet
  • Reading Rewards Earned

On Deck

On Deck Next Week:

Preview Strike Out Bullying Week by:

  • Encouraging players to wear their Strike Out Bullying sweatbands to remind them of the pledge they took at the beginning of the season.
  • Prompting players to go to Week 3 of this website to see Giants players recite the Strike Out Bullying Pledge.
  • Reminding players to turn in their Strike Out Bullying Contest entry next week, if they have not already. When they turn it in, they'll receive a drawstring backpack!


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Parents & Players

At Bat

At Bat This Week

  • Track your healthy eating and exercise on your Healthy Habits Poster for a week!
  • Turn in your completed Healthy Habits tracking sheet to earn a water bottle!

Mark it off on your magnet when you get home.


Report to Boot Camp! Follow Brandon Belt as he teaches you his favorite exercises.


Hang your Healthy Habits Poster up to learn fun health tips from a Giants player. Track your healthy eating and physical activity for one week and return your tracking sheet to your coach to earn a Giants water bottle!

Remember it's important for you to get at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.


Everyone needs physical activity to stay fit. Whether it's playing baseball, softball, basketball, soccer or riding your bike, set a goal of 60 minutes a day!


Make sure you get 9 to 11 hours of sleep each night. Dream big!

Report to Boot Camp! Check out and follow Brandon Belt as he teaches you his favorite exercises.


Snacking on nutritious foods will keep your energy level high and your mind alert!


Bananas Whole Grain Crackers
Carrots Yogurt
Orange slices Almonds
Grapes Granola Bars
Apple wedges Frozen Watermelon
Pretzels String Cheese



Keep your body hydrated this summer and challenge yourself to not drink soda! Try to drink at least five glasses of water every day - especially before, during and after practice.



Stay safe! Always remember to fasten your seatbelt, apply sunscreen and wear your helmet. Keep a clean smile by brushing your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day.

Keep cool this summer. Remember to apply sunscreen before playing outside. Make sure to take plenty of water breaks to rest as temperatures rise. Hydrate before playing.


Good hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of illness. Wash your hands with warm soapy water for 20 seconds. If you can't wash your hands with soap and water, hand sanitizer is a great alternative.

On Deck

On Deck Next Week:

  • Do you remember the STRIKE OUT BULLYING PLEDGE you took at the beginning of the season? Continue to honor your pledge and wear your Strike Out Bullying sweatband.
  • If you have not done so already, use the entry sheet in the front of your Player & Parent Handbook to artistically express the theme: RESPECT.

Make sure to submit your Strike Out Bullying Contest entry to your coach next week.


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