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San Francisco Uniforms: 1958 - Present


1958 Uniforms

Upon their move from New York, the Giants retained the same uniform look as their New York uniforms, replacing the "New York" with "San Francisco" and "NY" with "SF" on the cap fronts.


1973 Uniforms

Fifteen years after their inaugural season, the Giants changed their uniform for the first time in San Francisco. The slight modification saw the uniform lettering colors reverse positions.


1977 Uniforms

The Giants adopted Major League Baseball's style change, switching from traditional button down jersey and belted pants to a pullover top and beltless trousers. The Giants also implemented new logos, using a script "Giants" in orange and black on the uniform fronts, a uniform number on the jersey front and an alternate home jersey in black. The road jerseys were orange and included a block San Francisco on the front with jersey number.


1978 Uniforms

A minor change — the team switched the block "San Francisco" lettering on the road jerseys to a script "Giants," matching their home uniforms.


1983 Uniforms

Discarding the pullover jerseys of the '70s, the Giants returned to a more classic uniform style — button down uniform tops and belted pants, basic white home jerseys and gray road jerseys. The Giants also unveiled a new nontraditional logo with block-like typography.


1994 Uniforms

Keeping up with trends, the Giants changed their uniform look unveiling a more traditional logo, similar to those of the Giants past. The block lettering incorporated chiseled serifs, keeping the uniform look "modern but traditional." The road jerseys replaced the monogram SF with a spelled-out version of San Francisco across the chest.


2000 Uniforms

The Giants' latest change stays consistent with the "traditional but modern" theme, reflecting traditional uniforms from their past, while incorporating modern accents. On the home uniforms, the Giants players' names no longer appear on the jersey back and the uniform color changes from white to cream, a color used during the Giants early days. In addition, the typography on the uniforms is consistent to that used throughout Giants history and is in standard letter form. The lettering adds an accent color of gold to the orange and black outline and both home and road uniforms use black and orange piping around the collar.


2001 Uniforms

Continuing the traditional but modern theme, the Giants add an alternate version of both of the home and road uniform, featuring a black uniform top and an alternate cap with a raised SF monogram logo in black outlined with the traditional orange piping. Worn with the regular-uniform pant (cream at home, gray on the road), the alternate jerseys are identical in design to the regular uniforms except for the color. The Giants only wore the black uniform top for road games in 2002 and abandoned them altogether after the season.