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"Grab Some Pine, Meat"
Popularized by Giants announcer and former Giants starting pitcher, Mike Krukow. It is used as a way of telling a player to go sit on the bench after striking out.

"The Willie"
Nickname for the statue of Willie Mays found in Willie Mays Plaza. A popular meeting destination before and after Giants games.

"McCovey Cove"
The body of water beyond the right field wall of AT&T Park. Named after Giants Hall of Fame 1st Baseman, Willie McCovey, who was one of the most feared left-handed power hitters of all time.

"Splash Hit"
Name for a home run that lands into McCovey Cove.

"Orange Friday"
Giants fans wear orange on Fridays during the season to show support for their Giants. You can see orange throughout the city of San Francisco on Friday, whether the team is home or away.

"Humm Baby"
The Rally cry of former Giants Manger Roger Craig, originated in the 1987 season, leading the Giants to a NL West Division Crown.

"Say Hey Kid"
Nickname for Giants legend Willie Mays originated because when he first came up to the Majors he didn't know everyone's name so he always used to call out "say hey" to everyone.

Nickname for Giants Willie McCovey earned because of his ability to catch hide and wide throws to first baseman.

"The Thrill"
Nickname for popular former Giants first baseman Will Clark.

Nickname for heavy hitting former Giant Jeffrey Leonard named after PacMan, which was popular at the time.

"One Flap Down"
Nickname for former Giant Jeffrey Leonard originating from his home run trot where he would leave one arm hanging downward as if motionless.

"Bye Bye, Baby"
The home run call of famous Giants announcer, Russ Hodges. Also referenced in the Giants fight song of the 60s, "BYE BYE BABY".

"The Year of the Fox"
The nickname refers to the 1971 team that, after finishing in 3rd place the year before, surprised the baseball world and unexpectedly captured the Western Division Title. Led by manager Charlie Fox, the mix of aging stars and rising youngsters snuck up on the baseball world, much like a fox.

"Crazy Crab"
During the early 80's a mascot craze swept the world of professional sports. In 1984 The Giants joined in with a unique "anti-mascot", Crazy Crab, whose presence was meant to mock the mascot craze by encouraging fans to boo every time Crazy Crab appeared. Although Crazy Crab only lasted for one year, he is infamous among Giants fans.

"Eliminate me"
The term used when Kruk & Kuip use the tele-strator to scratch out a fan or something they disapprove of on Giants telecasts.

"Hey, Meat"
A term for a ballplayer, shortened from "Grab some pine, meat".

"Croix De Candlestick"
Pins that were given out only to fans who stayed for extra-inning night games in Candlestick Park. Pins were seen as proof of being a die-hard fan.

"Bochy Ball"
Term associated with Giants Manager Bruce Bochy's style of managing a team.

"Beat LA"
As common a term as you'll hear at AT&T park when the Dodgers are in town, the statement refers to the long standing rivalry between the Giants & Dodgers.

"The Barry Shift"
A common sight when Barry Bonds is at bat, it is when the opposing team shifts its defensive allingment so that the shortstop and center fielder are playing on the right half of the field, the third baseman is playing near shortstop and the left fielder is almost in center field.

"Triples Alley"
The large gap in right center field as formed by the sharp deepening of the fence wall. When a ball is hit in this area it usually results in a triple for the batter.