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A Tribute to Willie Mays

Making the Willie Mays Boys & Girls Club at Hunters Point a reality

The Giants invite you to pay special tribute to Willie Mays, one of baseball's most celebrated players and the Giants' ultimate All-Star, with 24 All-Star Game appearances. In honor of Mays' contributions to the All-Star Game, the Giants, Major League Baseball, Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, the Say Hey Foundation, and the City & County of San Francisco will name the new Boys & Girls Club at Hunters Point "The Willie Mays Boys & Girls Club at Hunters Point."

Mays' unparalleled accomplishments on the field have been well documented -- from the history books, to the Baseball Hall of Fame, to his bronze statue adorning Willie Mays Plaza at AT&T Park. The Giants and our partners now ask you to join us in paying tribute to Mays as we create a "Tribute Wall," reminding all who enter AT&T Park's main gate that what Mays achieved on the field is only rivaled by what he did off the field for children.

Mays played the game with intense passion throughout his distinguished career. He has shown that same drive and devotion when it comes to helping children. Whether it is through his own Say Hey Foundation or through mentoring other groups such as Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, he understands the importance of helping children.

To find the location of your ball, bat, and/or glove on the Willie Mays Tribute Wall, please click here.