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2016 Giants Commercials

Wear Your Heart On Your Head

Extraordinary things happen when you wear your heart on your head. We are SF. We are Giant

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Check out the storyboards that guided the production of the 2016 Giants Commercials

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Watch the 2016 Giants Commercials

  1. Part 4

    One little Giants fan creates an unstoppable force that helps Jake Peavy get the K. #together
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  2. Part 1
    Bochy's Hat

    Giants manager Bruce Bochy tries different methods of coming up with some big ideas for the upcoming 2016 season
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  3. Part 1
    Hunter's Pitch

    With a bold new approach on a familiar theme, who better to explain it than Hunter Pence himself?
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  4. Part 1
    Mi Amor Dos

    A shocking newcomer rekindles Sergio's and Buster's passion for the Giants
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  5. Part 2

    Ever wonder what makes the Giants farm system so special? "Home Grown" has a few theories
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  6. Part 1
    Panik's Spot

    Solid defense, home runs and... a high five montage?
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  7. Part 1
    Rebrand Brandon

    New season, new bold look. Check out Brandon Belt's recent transformation... and it's quite shocking
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  8. Part 4
    Buster MVP

    When it comes to Buster Posey, MVP stands for Most Valuable Person
    Watch Now

  9. Part 1
    Big Data Cain

    Millions of Giants fans mean mountains of data, so we got Matt Cain to interpret the big data analytics on what fans like
    Watch Now

  10. Part 1
    Crawford Conspiracy

    Could there be two Crawfords on field? While it might sound ridiculous to Brandon Crawford, it sure doesn't appear to be
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  11. Part 1
    Wolf of AT&T Park

    World Champion, Willie Mac Award recipient and Giants ticket sales representative? Matt Duffy shines as the Wolf of AT&T Park
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  12. Part 1
    Crawford Destiny

    Even as a kid, Crawford always had a hunch he'd do Giant things. See for yourself in our latest spot "Destiny"
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  13. Part 1
    Orange Steel

    One expression for every emotion; you can now thank Buster for 'Orange Steel'
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  14. Part 3
    Big Game Hunter

    Hunter Pence is a man of the people: the bigger the crowd, the bigger he goes
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  15. Part 1
    Romo's Snapchat Story

    Sergio Romo takes over the Giants Snapchat account with a little help from his teammates in the Clubhouse
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  16. Part 1
    Span, Like Buster

    Denard Span certainly makes a lasting first impression in the best way possible
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  17. Part 1
    Under Review

    A student gets a Giant surprise from Bochy and crew when the kid's teacher tries to say he's late for class
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  18. Part 1
    New Kid

    Denard Span helps a new kid on the block feel at home - and gets a Giant welcome of his own
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  19. Part 1
    2016 Commercial Bloopers

    Sometimes it takes a few takes to get the perfect performance. But some of those takes along the way are perfect for the blooper reel!
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