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This official MLB ballpark application perfectly complements and personalizes your trip with mobile check-in, social media, offers, rewards and exclusive content.

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The Giant Race

Make sure you download At the Ballpark prior to your visit to play the Giant Race!

Imagine 42,000 Gamers simultaneously shaking their iPhones as if they were trying to dislodge their favorite candy bar stuck in a vending machine coil. Let that sink in, and then:
Download the Ballpark app today and get started!
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Here's How:

PREPARE - Pregame / Prior to the Race

  1. Download the Ballpark app from the iTunes Store(iOS / iPhone / iPad)
  2. Open the Ballpark app and select AT&T Park as your ballpark
  3. Click "The Giant Race" from the ballpark's main menu screen.
  4. Type a "Racer ID", input your location and click "Let's Race"
  5. Choose your racer - Pablo Sandoval, Matt Cain or Lou Seal
  6. Wait for the race!

RACE - When prompted during the game

  1. Open the Ballpark app
  2. Click "The Giant Race" from the main menu
  3. Wait for the signal from the AT&T Park centerfield scoreboard to begin racing
  4. Shake your phone & race!
Choose your car Wait for the race to start, then start shaking Keep shaking to win!