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Contact the Giants Community Fund

Thank you for your interest in the Giants Community Fund. Any questions, comments or suggestions may be sent via regular mail to the address below or through email. Please note that the Giants Community Fund grant application process takes place between April and June. Details about the areas of focus can be found on our website during that timeframe. In-kind donation requests for fundraisers must be submitted through the Giants Community Relations department application program. To access the application, please visit the Community Opportunities page »

We want to hear from you!

Giants Community Fund Board

Giants Community Fund
AT&T Park
24 Willie Mays Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94107
Ph: 1.877.JR.GIANT
Fax: 415.947.2644

Donate Personal Goods
To donate vehicles, real estate or boats to benefit the Junior Giants program, please call 1.800.818.5223.

Community E-Newsletter
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Community Fund Staff
Sue Petersen, Executive Director
Paul Giuliacci, Deputy Director
Carolyn Della Maggiore, Development Director
Blaine Mauldin, Senior Coordinator, Development & Health
Nicole Z. Catchatoorian, Junior Giants Manager
Cassandra Hofman, Junior Giants and Special Projects Manager
Katja Zimmermann, Junior Giants Coordinator
Bailey West, Junior Giants Coordinator
Peggy Della Rocchetta, Finance
Alfonso Garcia, Junior Giants Intern
Emily Gibson, Development Intern

Giants Community Fund Board of Directors

Craig Alexander, Chair
Denise McCarthy, Vice Chair
Rich Zirkel, Vice Chair

John Gumas
Mario Alioto
Larry Baer
Pam Baer
Julia Bromley
Allan G. Byer
Dick Cohn
Mike Crockett
Trina Dean
Juliet Don

Steve Etter
John Feeley
Andy Gordon
Jim Keenan
Kelly Larkan
Vernon Michael Kirton
Duane Kuiper
Isabelle Lemon
Kathleen Dowling McDonough
Brian Murphy

John Noguchi
Tom Nolan
Christine Pelosi
Lindbergh Porter, Jr.
Judi Ratto
Sunny Schwartz
Liz Steyer

Honorary/Advisory Board
Peter Magowan, Chair
Renel Brooks-Moon
Orlando Cepeda
Frank Jordan
Willie Mays
Willie McCovey
Michael Pritchard
Mimi Silbert

Other Participants
Rick Enos, Chairman Emeritus
Lisa Pantages, Treasurer
Jack Bair, Secretary
Staci Slaughter
Keith Scheeler

Giants Community Fund