Military Stories

  • At Home in San Diego

    With a mighty military arsenal gleaming from the banks of San Diego Bay, we see a constant reminder that freedom isn’t free. Since 1846 a significant part of the Navy’s fleet has made its permanent home in San Diego. More »

  • On the Coast

    Two 87-foot Coast Guard cutters float peacefully on smooth waters at U.S. Coast Guard Sector San Diego one recent Monday morning. Across the bay, the sun shines on glass buildings downtown as crew members ready for the day ahead. More »

  • Semper Fi Fund: Helping the Healing Process

    Brian Meyer had one month to go on a seven-month deployment in Afghanistan. He and his fellow Marines were called in to handle a bomb found in the middle of a road in the town of Sangin. More »

  • Operation Hero

    Growing pains can be very real, especially when mom or dad is deployed for months on end, you have to move homes again, change schools, leave your friends behind and start the process anew at the next duty station. More »

  • Socks For Heroes

    Jim and Carla Hogan’s 20-year-old son made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan nearly four years ago when he put himself between other Marines and danger. More »

  • Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation

    It was a dark day in military aviation history Dec. 9, 1999, when six Marines and one Navy corpsman lost their lives in a CH-46 helicopter crash 14 miles off Point Loma. More »

  • The Vision of the Integra Center

    For the wounded warrior coping with an amputation or struggling through a traumatic brain injury, life can be one challenge on top of the other. More »

  • Armed Services YMCA

    Since 1920, the Armed Services YMCA San Diego has prided itself on lending military members and their families a helping hand. More »

  • A Home to Return To

    Staff Sgt. Anthony Rios thought it couldn’t happen to him. He was a Marine with years of experience and four wartime deployments under his belt. More »

  • Sunday Salute

    It is a sight to behold, a Padres baseball tradition unique to San Diego that sends chills up the spine and makes one’s heart swell with pride. Oorah! More »