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High Traffic Days

On high traffic days, we recommend alternate ingress and egress routes to Petco Park.

  • High Traffic Days Details

    Traffic Advisory Parking Map

    Ingress Routes For Harbor Drive Parking:

    1. From the north: 5 South >> Exit Front St. >> Straight on Front St. >> Left onto Harbor Drive.
    2. From the south: 5 North >> Exit Cesar Chavez Pkwy. >> Left on Cesar Chavez Pkwy >> Right onto Harbor Drive.

    Imperial Avenue Exit Map

    Exit Routes For Lexus Premier Lot, MTS Garage and Tailgate Park

    For 94 East to 15/805:

    • Drive Eastbound on Imperial Ave.
    • Turn Left on 16th St.
    • Turn Right on G St. (turns into 94 E)


    For 5 South/Coronado:

    • Drive Eastbound on Imperial Ave.
    • Turn Right on 16th St.
    • Stay Left on Logan Ave. (follow straight 1?2 mile)
    • On-ramp on left (5 South)


    For 5 North:

    • Drive Eastbound on Imperial Ave.
    • Turn Left on 19th St.
    • On-ramp on left