It has been awesome to welcome so many new teammates to our club. We have added five guys -- Hanley Ramirez, Shane Victorino, Joe Blanton, Brandon League and Randy Choate -- and they all have a lot of experience at the big league level.

What I like about the group as a whole is that they have all been through this before. With some of these guys, you have guys who have played and won in the World Series, so this is great.

Seeing everything unfold the way it has has been awesome. You hear stuff and you read stuff, but to see it actually happen, to see them come through your door is wonderful. Right away you want to meet them, you want to get to know them. You really want to get to know them well, and what I have found out so far in a short time is that our new players are very humble.

That to me, based off of what they have accomplished, is really unbelievable. These guys have had more years in at this level than I have, so you can really learn a lot from each of them. You can learn a lot when you yourself remain humble.

For me, the easiest guys to get to know right away are Randy and Brandon. They are now in the bullpen for us. We sit out there as teammates, and your teammates right now are your family. We go out there and we compete together, and when we do lose, it is together.

What has happened this year is a pretty big departure from last year. We are in it this season. At this time last year, we were pretty much out of it. I love being on a winning team. When you are a part of a winner, it is very different when you do go out there and compete.

When you also see guys being added to your team at this time of year versus seeing guys leaving your club, it helps lift up the guys who are here. It brings a lot of excitement in the clubhouse and out on the field.

Going forward, I like our team on the whole a lot. We have been competing the whole year, and we have had some good times and we have had some tough times. Seeing the new guys come here helps with our excitement level, and it will help us win ballgames.

I love our team.

Dodgers right-hander Kenley Jansen leads the Dodgers in saves with 20. The native of Curacao, who turns 25 next month, is 4-3 with a 1.85 ERA.