Baseball is a lot of fun for a lot of reasons. One of the reasons is the camaraderie among teammates.

Of course, when you have so many guys together for so long, jokes and pranks occur. A few years ago, I was the victim of a great one, courtesy of Roy Halladay and A.J. Burnett.

What made this prank even better was I knew I was going to get it sooner or later. I just didn't think it would be so elaborate.

Russ Adams and I are good friends, and we spent a lot of time together when we were on the Blue Jays. Doc and A.J. were getting on us for hanging out all the time. We knew something was going to happen after all the stuff we said about them hanging out. We figured that when they got us, it was going to be 10 times worse than anything we could do. So, we wanted to strike first.

All we did was make some shirts that poked fun at the two of them for hanging out as much as they did. What they planned turned out to be a full-blown wedding.

I think we spent around $100, and they spent, well, who knows how much they spent. They got us hats and shirts and a complete wedding setup. There were even chocolate fountains, DJs and table linens.

It started when we were on the field. A plane few over the field and a banner trailed the plane saying, "Aaron, Will you marry me? I love you! Russ." After they pulled the prank with the banner from the airplane, I kept a close eye on the sky. Every time a plane flew over I expected to see another banner that was making fun of Russ and me.

We thought that was going to be the end of the prank. We had no idea what was coming next. The whole team was in on it. The third base coach had us do some extra work after practice one day, and when we came back in the clubhouse, Doc and A.J. were sitting there with tuxedos and invitations. There was no one else in the clubhouse.

At that point, we knew we had no choice but to go along with the prank. We were the young guys at that time. We pretty much had to do what the veterans said. It was a great prank. I think Doc's wife, Brandy, had a lot to do with it. I think she was the mastermind.

A.J. and Doc are both funny guys. Doc was never much of a prankster, but when you call him out and prank him like we did, he was going to get his. We got what was coming to us and learned our lesson. We definitely got out-funded and outsmarted.

No one has made any T-shirts poking fun at me, so I haven't had to pull any pranks recently. That doesn't mean I won't get on any of the younger guys. You have to keep them in check.

Second baseman Aaron Hill split the 2011 season between the Toronto and Arizona. Hill, who hit 36 homers with the Blue Jays in 2009, combined to hit .246 in 137 games this year. He had one home run against the Brewers in the National League Championship Series.