• The Molinas have five World Series rings between them, and Bengie and Jose Molina are cheering for baby brother Yadier to bring home the sixth.

"I love to see him play, even on TV and stuff. It's unbelievable to watch him from the stands," said Jose, who wore Yadier's Cardinals jersey as he cheered him on during Game 5. "Just to spend time with him because he always supports us and everything we do, so it's just awesome to be here and support him."

"This is the ultimate," agreed Bengie. "Nobody thought that the St. Louis Cardinals were going to be around here at the World Series. This is something special for them, and I think they can do it. We are very proud of him. All of us." (FOX Sports Midwest)

• Some Major Leaguers play golf in the offseason, and some relax at home with their families. Others, like Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw and his wife Ellen, plan philanthropic trips to Africa.

"It'll be fun to go back," said Kershaw, who spent his honeymoon helping orphans and building a school in Zambia (Kershaw's Challenge).

"We're going to start building an orphanage -- that's what Kershaw's Challenge this year was geared toward. Hopefully, we'll see the beginning stages of that being built. It'll be exciting just to get back there, see some of the same faces and hopefully do some good." (MLB.com)

• If you've ever wanted to see Brian Wilson put on some parachute pants and bust a move with MC Hammer, you're welcome (Yardbarker)

• Derek Holland doesn't just pitch sparkling postseason gems (MLB.com). He also does a pretty convincing Harry Caray impression (MLB.com). Who do you have as the better Caray -- Holland or Ryan Dempster? (MLB.com)

• Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford took on Pirates pitching prospect and future brother-in-law Gerritt Cole in an Arizona Fall League desert showdown.

"Going into the at-bat it was kind of fun," said Crawford, whose sister Amy is engaged to Cole. "After I got in the box, he was just another pitcher ... who just happens to throw 100."

Cole took home the family bragging rights by getting Crawford to line out at the track. (San Francisco Chronicle)

• From the Cardinals' Edwin Jackson to the Rangers' Mike Adams, Josh Hamilton, Matt Harrison and C.J. Wilson, there is no shortage of presidential surnames among this year's World Series stars. (The Wall Street Journal)

• Rangers starter Colby Lewis had a long journey road to the show (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Tweet of the Day: "It's official, making sauce today. Have been home for 3 weeks now and havent made one Italian dish, unacceptable. #dishes" -- Indians reliever Vinnie Pestano (@VinnieP52)

Quote of the Day: "It's pretty amazing. If it wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't be in this situation. She always took me to practice, made sure I was there, made sure I always had the right equipment. I'm glad she could be here to watch me. There was a little incident where she couldn't be there when we clinched last series, but she was taking care of my little sister. She had homecoming ... She was always there at every game, and it was nice to have her there always supporting me." -- Mike Napoli on living the dream with his mom at the World Series. (MLB.com)