• With a two-run homer in the ninth inning on Monday, Torii Hunter gave the Angels a victory and collected the 1,000th RBI of his career (MLB.com). "I'm old," laughed Hunter after the game. "I'm definitely thankful that I can get 1,000 RBIs in the Major Leagues. When I was in the Minor Leagues, I was like, 'Just get me up. Let me get one hit in the Major Leagues,'" (MLB.com). A group of kids in the left-field stands caught the milestone baseball and returned it to the Angels outfielder after the game. Said Hunter, "That ball meant a lot to me. I'm going to show my grandkids." (MLB.com)

• They may be separated by 10 years and a world of baseball experience, but Yankees teammates A.J. Burnett, a tattooed Arkansas native, and Ivan Nova, a clean-cut rookie from the Dominican Republic, are inseparable "hermanos." Said Burnett of the unlikely friendship, "I wish I knew [why]. For some reason we just understand each other." "The only difference is the country and the color," added Nova, who quipped, "We're almost the same color. He's got too much sun." (New York Times)

• With his No. 4 Blue Jays uniform, pitcher Kyle Drabek can claim a unique honor -- the only active Major League pitcher with a single-digit jersey number. "When I got drafted, I think I was like 81 or something, and I didn't like that number," said Drabek, who likes his distinctive single digit. "All the other low numbers were taken for the Minor Leagues that spring, so I just got No. 4. The other pitchers make fun of me for it, but I'm OK with it." (New York Times)

• In the wake of the devastating tornadoes in the Midwest and Southeast, Major League players are contributing $200,000 toward immediate relief efforts for storm victims in conjunction with Major League Baseball. The funds will help provide technical assistance, volunteer support, mobile health services and necessary resources to disaster areas through humanitarian organization Heart to Heart International (MLB.com).

• The players are also teaming up with MLB and the American Academy of Dermatology to raise awareness for sun safety and skin cancer prevention through the Play Sun Smart program. "Losing my mom changed my life forever and gave me first-hand knowledge of how serious skin cancer can be," said A's pitcher and Play Sun Smart spokesperson Dallas Braden. "I appreciate the chance to share my story and to spread the word about the dangers of skin cancer. I want everyone to know that early detection is key, and that skin cancer is preventable." (MLB.com)

• On the diamond, Danny Espinosa (MLB.com) and Justin Morneau (MLB.com) each jacked two into the seats. Jeremy Guthrie (MLB.com) and Anibal Sanchez (MLB.com) both threw eight sparkling innings, and Laynce Nix (MLB.com) and Torii Hunter (MLB.com) made a case for their own superhero-cape giveaways.

• If you're "pro-baseball, pro-family and pro-goofy guys dressed up like old presidents," then Drew Storen wants you to vote Washington Nationals for America's team! (MLB Fan Cave)

• Evan Longoria took his shirt off and did some yoga, and here are the pictures. Ladies, you're welcome. (WTSP.com)

Tweet of the Day: "Blood tests are in... I'm the 4th Kardashian sister. (Does this mean I have to marry a WNBA player?!?)" -- Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison (@LoMoMarlins)

Quote of the Day: "I had some corn-dog poppers, a little vegetable medley and chocolate milk. I was a happy camper." -- The Rays' Ben Zobrist on eating the school lunch at Skyview Elementary School. Zobrist blasted into the past on Tuesday, going back to school as an honorary second-grader with Skyview's Kaleb Gates, winner of the "Take Zobrist to School" contest. (St. Petersburg Times)