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Season Ticket Holder Entrance

Season Ticket Holders have a private entrance located next to Ticket Services on the West Plaza for increased convenience and an additional entry option on game days. To enter this private entrance on game days, please present your season ticket and Season Ticket Holder credential or your commemorative stock Season Tickets.

Season Ticket Holder Entrance map and photos
Season Ticket Holder Entrance map and photos
Example Credential

Q: Where do I find my Season Ticket credential?
A: It is on the first page your Season Ticket booklet inside the cover. You can use this credential at the Ticket Services office and to get a merchandise discount.

Q: Can I enter the game with just my credential?
A: No you must have a valid ticket for that day's game with your credential in order to enter Coliseum.

Q: I have four season tickets so I received four credentials with my season ticket books. I am bringing three guests with me to a game. Will they be able to use my extra three credentials to enter through the private entrance?
A: Yes. Season Ticket Holders receive the same number of credentials that they have season tickets. If the you are accompanying guests with your tickets into the private entrance, please also make sure they each have a credential for easy access to the ballpark. Additionally, the special commemorative Season Ticket stock will serve as an identifier of Season Ticket Holders, and access will be granted by presenting such tickets.

Q: I made an exchange and no longer have my tickets printed on the commemorative Season Ticket stock for a game, will I need my credentials to use the Season Ticket Entrance?
A: Yes, if a ticket has been exchanged and is printed on standard ticket stock, all Season Ticket Holders must have their credentials in order to utilize the private entrance.

Q: I purchased extra tickets for friends to attend a game with me. Can they enter through the Season Ticket Holder Entrance too?
A: In order to provide the best service to all of our Season Ticket Holders, only Season Ticket Holders with valid credentials or commemorative Season Tickets can enter the private entrance.

Q: Can I enter through the Season Ticket Holder Entrance more than once if I have a new ticket?
A: An individual Season Ticket Holder with additional tickets may continuously enter the Season Ticket Holder Entrance multiple times in one game, each visit scanning a new and unused game ticket.

Q: Are promotional giveaway items guaranteed at the Season Ticket Holder Entrance?
A: Promotional giveaway items will be available at the Season Ticket Holder Entrance, but numbers delivered to the gate are limited. Based on gate entrance data, an equal percentage of giveaways will be distributed to all entry gates. The A's cannot guarantee promotional giveaway items and we recommend arriving early for the best opportunity to obtain a desired giveaway.

Q: I am the lead name on a season ticket account, but I share with multiple people. Can I receive extra credentials for all parties that share my tickets?
A: We can offer credentials to people that share your account, but the A's must receive detailed contact information on each party. The A's reserve the right to provide additional credentials at our discretion.

Q: I am giving my season tickets to a friend for one game. Can they enter the ballpark through the Season Ticket Holder Entrance?
A: The private entrance is for Season Ticket Holders only. In order to maintain the best experience for our most dedicated fans, guests other than the Season Ticket Holder on the account will not be able to enter through this private entrance.

Q: I have a suite for a particular game. I have my credential. Can my suite party and I enter through the Season Ticket Holder Entrance?
A: Guests without credentials will not be able to enter the ballpark through the Season Ticket Holder Entrance. Only the Season Ticket Holder, with their credential or commemorative Season Tickets, will be able to enter through the private entrance. Additional guests with tickets will be able to enter through any other public gate and meet up once inside Coliseum.