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10/20/10 11:42 PM EST

Postgame interview with Posey, Sandoval

Q. Buster, Charlie Manuel said what a great at bat that was. Could you talk us through what you were thinking what Oswalt was throwing you?

BUSTER POSEY: Just trying to get a pitch you can handle. It was going to be around the plate. Got a really good fastball. I was able to work and I fouled a couple of pitches off and got a slider out of the plate.

Q. Buster, the play at the plate earlier on, could you talk about what you saw there and whether you could tell the ball was short hopped?

BUSTER POSEY: I saw Victorino. He hit it pretty hard and kind of out of the corner of my eye seen Ruiz coming around third and Rowand made a good throw. I didn't have to move any. And it was really good throw on his part.

Q. Pablo, this was your first game of the start of the series. Could you talk a little bit about the time, how you managed to get such a good at bat after so many days after playing regularly?

PABLO SANDOVAL: I was prepared to come here no matter what the situation was. I wasn't playing too many games late in the ball season. I come prepared every game, every minute. I haven't been seeing live pitches for a couple games, I've been used for a pinch hitter. The situation right now is to get good at bats to help your teammates. That's what we need to do.

Q. Buster, starting the season in the Minor Leagues, what were you best expectations for yourself in the season and how were you able to get here so quickly and succeed so fast?

BUSTER POSEY: I think your expectations, you know, when you go into Spring Training, you try you want to make the team. And once you are on the team, your expectations are to be here. I think that's what the reason you play the game is to play in the postseason and you have the opportunity to keep moving on and winning ballgames?

Q. Buster, I think you're 1 for 11 in the series before this game. Did you feel all right? Was this all right and what clicked in for this game?

BUSTER POSEY: I mean, I just went out today and just tried to relax and keep everything simple. I tried to cut down a little bit of movement, and just put the barrel on the ball and not try to do too much.

Q. Each one of you, in your big at bats, Pablo, you hit a ball that you thought was a double and they called it foul. And you hit one that obviously was foul, but you got good wood on it and it just sort of sliced away. How hard is it if you each can answer, to kind of come back after that, the disappointment of that and to focus to get the hit you need to get?

PABLO SANDOVAL: Especially when you hit two doubles just kidding. When I come back Buster was talking to the umpire, I just calmed down myself. Count to 10. Breathe. Get a pitch you can hit a fly ball or try to hit to the middle. Don't try to do too much. That's what we need to do, try to tie the game. That's what I do and then try to concentrate to hit the ball to the middle.

BUSTER POSEY: I agree with Pablo, I guess you just try to you try to refocus as much as possible. That's going to happen. You're going to hit some balls closer. They're going to be fair sometimes. Going to be foul, it's just part of the game.

Q. Buster, couple of questions, quickly. Have you had a chance to really digest what you did tonight?

BUSTER POSEY: I helped the team win. I guess that's how I digest it.

Q. But you do understand that it's an epic night for any player in a postseason game?

BUSTER POSEY: Well, thank you (laughter).

Q. On that last at bat, you were talking about how you were handling Oswalt's pitches. But one thing you were doing is you were going away, going away. You had two balls down the right field line that could have been hit for the single, what were you doing going the opposite field?

BUSTER POSEY: You know what, I don't think I consciously went up there and said I'm going to go the other way. Just really was the guy throws hard. He's got an electric fastball. And good off speed stuff as well. So the goal was just to let the ball travel, try to see it and I think when I'm going good, that's what I do. I let the ball travel and can hit it the other way.

Q. At this time of year when everything is so much pressure, what's coming easier, more natural to you at this point? Is it the hitting? Or is it working with these pitchers in postseason?

BUSTER POSEY: I don't know. I don't really know. I mean, more natural. ... I don't know. I mean, every day's different. Some days are a grind behind the plate and some are a grind when you're up to bat. I think it's a matter of making adjustments each day.

Q. Pablo, when you got to second base, the second time, and the fans are going crazy and you're clapping your hands, you're throwing your arms up in the air, how great was that feeling considering what you've been through the last few weeks and not getting to play?

PABLO SANDOVAL: Exciting. When you dream, when I was a little kid in the backyard. Come through, being in the postseason, helping my team get a double two RBIs, it's one of those dreams when you're a little kid you're thinking my dream's come true. I'm here in the postseason. Last year I was at home on the beach. But right now I got the opportunity to be here, no matter what the situation I just try to be here help my team and support my team. It's like every day.

Q. This is for both of you guys. When you have a pitching matchup like you have tomorrow, are you even more conscious, or tomorrow night I should say, are you even more conscious about how important each run is?

PABLO SANDOVAL: You know what, we try to play the same game, play hard. No matter who is throwing, we've got one of the best pitchers in the Big Leagues. They've got one of the best pitchers in the Big Leagues too. We try to play hard, have some fun. Don't pay attention to that much. Have some fun there and try to play hard.

BUSTER POSEY: I think we all know that with these two guys going that sometimes runs are going to be few and far in between. So I think probably tomorrow it's going to be extremely important to be able to execute, move runners and get an opportunity to drive a guy in. You've got to do your best to get it done.

Q. Pablo, Charlie was talking about at your at bat that what they really wanted to do was throw the ball out of the strike zone, get you to chase. Were you conscious of that? Were you aware of that when you were at the plate or were you not thinking too much?

PABLO SANDOVAL: You know, I just tried to get a pitch to high pitch to hit the ball in the air, to tie the game. I get an opportunity, he made a mistake. That was it. You get the approach to try to hit the ball the other way. It was a high pitch. It wasn't there in the middle. It wasn't close. It was a high pitch. I got an opportunity to drive the guy in.

Q. For both of you, how do you feel going into a game tomorrow with a chance to clinch a World Series berth and Halladay and Lincecum on the mound?

BUSTER POSEY: Oh, man. I guess if you're a Giants fan, it would be pretty exciting. It's exciting for any fan. Two of the best arms in the game. We're in a good position. But at the same time we know anything can happen in baseball. I don't think you take anything for granted. You have to come out battling tomorrow.

PABLO SANDOVAL: You know, it's one of those situations we were in the first game, the good matchups. We come tomorrow prepared no matter what the situation is going to happen. We come here to play, play hard, have some fun. And it's an important game for us, important game for them, too, but we try to fight every inning, every pitch?

Postgame interview with Bruce Bochy

Q. You want to just talk about the epic night Posey had.

BRUCE BOCHY: What a great night he had. He did all the damage for us, really. I mean, to get that big hit, it's quite a night, every at bat he delivered for us and he's a talent. We know it. We've seen it for a while and he certainly came through tonight for us, two out hits. Big hit there in the last inning. Quite a game for him. Great throw from Aaron, great play there, saved some damage, got a big out in that inning and he still ended up having a big inning, but did help limit that somewhat. But nice play on his part.

Q. When did you determine that Uribe was available? Did you ask him if he could go before you put him in?

BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah. He took BP, said it felt a lot better. He said he was available and we checked on him again late in the ballgame. If Willy had a fairly easy inning, he was going back out there for two innings, we made a double switch. I felt comfortable putting Juan out there. We had the right guy at the plate there, and he's come through so many times for us and got a ball he could handle to get deep enough in the outfield.

Q. Your bullpen wasn't perfect, but Casilla settled down and gave you, got out of the inning and also pitched a perfect seventh. And Romo gave up the double but he got out of that inning. How important was that?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, it's important when these guys do come in. They give up a hit and they settle down. And Casilla has done such a great job for us, especially with men on base and got that breaking ball up. He placed it just in the right place between outfielders. But the wild pitch, you know, that didn't help matters. But after that, you know, he settled down and he gave us the next inning, I thought was huge, and same with Romo. You give Werth credit. Pretty good pitch he hit. But you got a man on second there, and he got out of it. That saved us. So these guys they haven't been getting a lot of work. So I'm sure the work tonight's going to help them. But the bullpen's done such a great job for us. I'm so confident in them and they're going to have hiccups now and then, but I did like the way they settled down and pitched well after they gave up a hit.

Q. Pablo came through for you, a lot of big hits there, big double there. Can you describe that moment for you guys?

BRUCE BOCHY: It was a great at bat. In fact, I thought the one ball was fair. And I guess it was just foul. He didn't let it bother him. And came through with the line shot there in the left center gap. I thought he had some good at bats tonight, which it was good for his confidence. I mean, this guy can hit. And he can certainly help us.

Q. I heard you answer about the bullpen. Just curious about not using Wilson in the eighth inning, I know you've done that quite a bit this year?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, there's nobody out there. Put a lot on him really go two innings and I've been using Romo there. Ramirez, too, and I just felt like with Willy throwing a day before just try to get out of this one out. Tied it. And I had Willy for the ninth and tenth. But to bring him in that situation now puts us in a tougher position, to be honest, if they do score and I don't have them for the ninth and tenth.

Q. Are you as dazzled about the rest of us about the catcher being as good in the biggest games of the year?

BRUCE BOCHY: Nothing he does surprises me. Since we brought him up he played great baseball, both sides of the ball receiving, swinging the bat. He's a guy that we, it's obvious we think a lot of. He's our number one pick and brought him up here. We turned it over to him and he's done a great job. But it's fun to watch this kid play. It really is. The month he had in July, he carried us, and he's a guy you want up there and he finds a way to get it done.

Q. Bruce, the majority of the national media had Phillies in five. Phillies in six. Do you guys pay attention to that at all. How much do you relish being the underdogs?

BRUCE BOCHY: We don't think about that. All we do is think about going out there and giving it the best we got, try to play our best game and win that game. You don't get caught whether you're the underdogs. What's important is what you believe and we're here because we're a good team here. We're playing a great team. We know it. We have tremendous respect for the Phillies. We know we have to play our best ball to beat them. And you go out there and you give it your best. You see what happens. But you don't get caught in the other things, what they're predicting is what you think.

Q. How do you think Madison handled the start and was it a difficult decision there in the fifth with him?

BRUCE BOCHY: I thought he was throwing the ball well. He wasn't as sharp with his command and gave up four pretty good line drives there and he wasn't quite getting it where he wanted. So that's why I went out and got him. It didn't work out, but the kid was throwing well to that point and we started to get the ball up and he's done a great job for us. His pitches were getting up there a little bit. So when you have a bullpen like we have, you trust them and you give them credit. They scored off us. But we kept battling, came back and you gotta be resilient in this game and the team was tonight.

Q. On the play where Posey tags Ruiz as a former catcher what was difficult about that play, what was impressive about the way Posey handled that play?

BRUCE BOCHY: It's the toughest play in baseball, a play at the plate. You've got to handle the throw, you've got the runner bearing down on you, and you gotta keep your focus and make sure you secure the ball and it's a close play there. But there's not a tougher play. So Buster did a great job there. And you give Aaron Rowand credit. It's quite a throw he made. He came up and threw the strike right there. He gave Buster a good ball to handle.

Q. I know you're going to say you still have a lot of work to do, but what's your feeling going into Game 5 where you have a chance to clinch, with Lincecum against Halladay on the mound?

BRUCE BOCHY: Again, facing one of the best pitchers in the game. We have a good guy going, great matchup. It's just a case where you go out there and you go out there and try to play your best game and you see what happens. And the only thing we can focus on is what we're doing tomorrow night. This was a nice win. It was a great win. But you've got to put these behind you just like losses and come out and be ready to go tomorrow.

Q. I don't know if you can give an honest answer here but were you surprised to see Oswalt in the ninth?

BRUCE BOCHY: Not really. It's that time of year where you see a little different strategy or guys being used. These are must win games. No, I saw him warming up. I wasn't surprised at all. He's had some time off. And he's done such a great job for them. They're doing all they can to win the game. So I was not surprised.

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