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10/10/10 8:50 PM ET

Postgame interview with Bruce Bochy

Q. You've had some issues getting some clutch hits this year, but talk about the ninth and how your offense came through there.

BRUCE BOCHY: I mean, great inning. Started with Ishi, he found a way to get on base, and we're down to a strike there. Sanchez, battling up there and, you know, Huff's facing a tough lefty. He found a way to get it done. And we'll get a break there.

But to come back like that after a two run homer in the bottom of the 8th, I mean, that can take the wind out of your sails. And these guys came right back and found a way to get it done. That is a great win.

Q. Can you kind of walk us through that sequence there when you decide that it's time to get Sanchez out and you end up with the match-up there?

BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, I thought they may make a change. We thought, or I did, that Sanchez was at that point. I mean, what a job he did. It didn't work out. That's not a good feeling when you make a change and they hit a two run homer. But the pen's done a great job all year. We have a lot of confidence in them. Serge just made a mistake there, got the ball up, and they took advantage of it.

But just felt that Sanchy had done his job, he was at that point, and we had a fresh pen down there and give them credit.

They hit the home run they needed, but, again, what was important is how we handled it. We came right back and found a way to get a couple of runs.

Q. Can you describe just the emotions that you and the team are going through in that 9th inning?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, a very intense game. Great game. Two starting pitchers that were going at it, and pitching very well. You're living on the edge with a 1-0 lead. We had a couple of pretty good opportunities. We couldn't get another run there and didn't have any margin of error. They hit a two-run homer, so, you know, that's deflating a little bit. No getting around it.

But that 9th inning, emotions are running high, especially when Huff got the big hit we were looking for to tie the game. That's what you want to do. Then, of course, scoring the winning run, especially in this situation. It's a great feeling down there.

Q. Was it evident early on that Sanchez had this kind of stuff, and does his performance kind of go to what you said to the last week, the last month, pretty much all year about his confidence and his ability to play?

BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, he's been throwing the ball so well. He pitched a big game there Sunday, and I think that was a great experience for him, and he handled everything so well the way he carried himself. You're in a little bit of a hostile situation here on the road, and kept us focused out there and made some great pitches. Had his stuff going.

Couple times we get out of sync, but he'd find it and make pitches when he had to.

Q. Now that you've got a second win under your belt, do you want to let us know who your Game 4 starter is?

BRUCE BOCHY: Our Game 4 starter will be Madison Bumgarner. He's all set to go, so he'll be out there tomorrow.

Q. All of those close games and intense things you went through during the regular season, does that prepare you for what happened tonight?

BRUCE BOCHY: I think no question. The way we play, they call it Giants baseball torture. You know, it's experience that you're able to draw on. It's the way we play. A lot of tight games, if play enough of them, guys get accustomed to it. They know how big every pitch, every play, every at-bat is. Even in the 9th there, the way they grinded out at-bats, that's pretty impressive off some tough pitchers and found a way to get it done.

Q. Game 4 starter, Madison Bumgarner, if you look, he hasn't pitched in ten days and he's 21 years old. Just talk about what kind of level of confidence you have in him stepping up in this kind of situation.

BRUCE BOCHY: He's done a great job for us since he's come up. He's 21 years old, but the way he handles himself, you wouldn't know it. He's got great poise out there and good stuff. You know, we'll be facing a good pitcher, too.

But we have all the confidence in the world that Madison will go out there and give us everything he's got. This kid has no fear. He's a young kid that has a great way about how he handles things. He'll go out there and compete.

Q. This might be a dumb question, given that it's the other side and you all will take anything to win. But is there some part of you that feels for what Conrad goes through tonight?

BRUCE BOCHY: I don't care to comment on that, really. Anything about the other club, I've got enough concerns here in my club.

Q. How big of a hit was that for Huff? He had been struggling in the series offensively?

BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, it was big. He hit the ball harder earlier right to Lee. He's hit some balls decent, but that's probably he'll tell you, it could be one of the biggest hits he's gotten.

Especially in a situation we're down a run, you face a tough lefty, and they just took the lead. That's the only way we tie the game right there is a base hit, and he got it done. I'm sure -- I mean, he was so excited, obviously fired up with what happened.

Q. You made the move to have Fontenot in the lineup and to third base, how about the way he came through today?

BRUCE BOCHY: Great job Font did. Got us on the board there. Hit the triple. We get a little break there.

He's a professional. That's why he was in there today. He does a good job on defense. Gives you quality at-bats and he got us on the board early, which is what we're hoping for.

Q. Will he be in there tomorrow?


Postgame interview with Huff, Sanchez

Q. Jonathan, you've been in big games before. This has to be the biggest. Did you know that you had the stuff early on, that you had the stuff to do what you did tonight?

JONATHAN SANCHEZ: I was just being aggressive. I just prefer pitch first try and made them to swing the ball.

Q. You've hit lefties and righties basically equally well this year. What are you thinking there as they bring in the lefty to face you?

AUBREY HUFF: Well, those guys, Venters and Dunner are tough. One of the toughest lefties in the league, if you ask me, out of the pen. I faced Dunn at our place, and he threw me five straight sliders. First pitch I was looking slider, put it right down the middle at 95. Kind of kicking myself a little bit.

But stayed with it. Saw it, and was able to reach out there and get it. It was a pretty good pitch. Just kind of hit it off the end a tad enough to where it could get down. When I hit it, it was the longest fly ball, medium fly ball I've ever hit. I didn't think it was ever going to get down. But they were probably playing no doubles, or they might catch it.

San Francisco Giants

Q. Aubrey, you waited a long time to get into the postseason, and just your emotions getting that kind of hit in that kind of situation?

AUBREY HUFF: Well, it was pretty strange. You know, when you set, a little nervous, little nervous for me especially on deck when they're making the switch. But once I stepped in the box, it was actually pretty calm. You have to be. I find if you stress out too much you get a little jumpy. All year long. Everything's a roll over.

So try to breathe, and take my best that I've taken all year. That's what people told me the whole time starting the playoffs, don't change your routine, don't change your approach. Just do the same thing you've done all year, and that's what I tried to do.

Q. Bochy just talked about Giants baseball and how it's called torture. You guys have a lot of close games, tonight was no different. He said you guys don't seem to mind it. You grind it out, you're used to it. I don't know if you like it. Why is it the case that you guys have all of these very close games?

AUBREY HUFF: I speak better English, so I'll go ahead and answer. Is that okay?

JONATHAN SANCHEZ: Yeah, that's better.

AUBREY HUFF: Okay. It's a slogan that our radio guys came up with. And certainly by no means do we ever want to be tortured out there. It just seems like every game, even all the way through San Diego to get in, everything's so stressful. You know what I mean? Eric Hinske, I'm thinking there's no way this guy's going to homer here. He hit it's, and I'm instant head down. He seems like this four times that I played against him, he's hit a homer late. Just can't make it happen.

When we got in the dugout, it wasn't down. Everybody was up and confident. Ishikawa did what he's done all year. Professional at bat to get us going. Sanchez stayed through a really tough pitcher. And to be honest, I got lucky to get a hit out there off that tough lefty.

You know, sitting at home for nine years watching these playoffs and stuff happen, it's never over until it's over. And we battled. And that's exactly what the torture comes from. It's never easy.

Q. Bruce basically said that it looked like you were at about that point. Did you feel like you were losing anything at all? Did you feel like you were still going strong at that point?

JONATHAN SANCHEZ: When he took me out I felt pretty good. I was feeling good. I wasn't tired at all. But he made the decision to go with the bullpen, and we've been doing the job all year. We're playing pretty good. I mean, Romo laid one pitch out of the play and hit the homer.

But we've got a tough bullpen, so I thought we were going to get it done.

Q. Bochy said Madison's going to be the starter for tomorrow. That's a big stage for a rookie for a young kid. How do you think he'll do, and will you say anything to him?

JONATHAN SANCHEZ: I mean, as long as he throws strikes, he's going to be okay.

AUBREY HUFF: Catcher boy English, and this guy, I don't think it's going to be a very good conversation.

Q. What was really working the best? What was clicking, what did you feel most comfortable with? What was getting them out?

JONATHAN SANCHEZ: Getting ahead and then using my breaking balls.

Q. Is that kind of what you were talking about yesterday? You mentioned about getting outs with less than three pitches, is that what you mean by being aggressive and throwing strikes?

JONATHAN SANCHEZ: Yeah, that's what I did today. Just get aggressive, throw first pitch for a strike and use my breaking balls. They were swinging.

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