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10/08/10 12:07 AM ET

NLDS Game 1 postgame interview: Bochy

Q. Bruce, can you talk about Lincecum's game? Could have been one of his best games.

BRUCE BOCHY: It really was, he was on tonight, had everything workin' and we needed it. They pitched well. Lowe pitched well, their bullpen. So we needed that effort, and, you know, it's one of the best efforts I've ever seen. And what a great job that kid did. He's tough. If he's on and he had all of his pitches workin', he's going to be tough.

Q. Bruce, in late August when Tim was struggling, could you envision that he would have a night like this? At what point in September did you realize he was back to being Tim Lincecum?

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BRUCE BOCHY: I could see Timmy having a night like this. We never lost confidence in this kid, and I've said this many times, we all have our up's and down's, and he was searching there for a little while, but he found it. And he's been on a nice roll here. And he said some he's had some rest, and it showed tonight. And he went out there and pitched as fine of a ballgame as you can pitch.

Q. Bruce, any hesitation in sending him out for the night?

BRUCE BOCHY: No, he was on, the way he threw in the seventh and eighth, there is no question that he was going back out unless he said, you know, something to the affect that he was a little tired or whatever. But came in, had that look, so he went back out and had a great ninth inning.

Q. Bruce, I see the hit and run with Posey running there. Since that was his first career stolen base, was that his first hit and run?

BRUCE BOCHY: It's a 3-2 count, so we put him in motion, and Lowe gets a lot of ground balls, and we hit a lot of double plays, so it went to 3-2, we put him in motion hoping for contact, and it didn't happen. You give Buster credit, a lot of times they don't break off their lead to get the base, but he ran hard and ended up being a big stolen base for us.

Q. Back to Timmy just for a second. When you mentioned "that look" that you noticed, is it a facial look or

BRUCE BOCHY: He was fine, you know, "I'm good," you know, "I'm good to go out there," you know. And there was no doubt in my mind he was going back out unless I heard that he had enough. Pitch count was good, eighth inning, he was okay and well and had all of his pitches working so we sent him back out.

Q. Coach, can you talk about Cody Ross? Midseason acquisition, question he was going to make the playoff roster and comes in with that big hit in the fourth inning.

BRUCE BOCHY: He's a good player, great player, that's why we got him. And he's good on both sides of the ball and made good contact there. We probably got a break, but in a game like this, you take it. We missed some other opportunities there and couldn't add on, you know. That's where you're hopin' your pitcher is on top of his game, which we had the right guy out there.

But when you're in a 1-0 game, you're always hoping to get insurance runs there. But Cody threw out some good at-bats, he has the last couple of weeks, and that's why he was out there tonight.

Q. Bruce, before the game, we talked about how big game one's are in a five-game series. To have your pitcher do so well and go up against Lowe, is there added significance to this?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, it's a big game. We knew he was pitching well, and he did tonight, and we needed a good effort from Timmy. We thought this would be a low scoring game. And I didn't think it would be 1-0. But, sure, there is a lot of baseball left and it's a great way to start.

Q. Did you look at Buster's stolen base? It looked from the TV replays that he was out from the replay?

BRUCE BOCHY: It's hard to tell from the dugout. I haven't had time to look or anything.

Q. You were talking yesterday that you were in favor of instant replay. If there was, that might have been a call to go against you guys.

BRUCE BOCHY: In certain cases, but, no, plays like this, no, I'm not. You keep the game moving. But I talked about balls maybe down the line, maybe a play at the plate. But, no, you start to slow the game down when you start reviewing every play.

Q. Bruce, this was a tight game in the sixth inning, Bobby Cox brought Jonny Venters in to turn Pablo Sandoval around when another -- was there another thought --

BRUCE BOCHY: No, there was not a thought. Sixth inning, I didn't want to take Pablo out. He's a good bat. He's not an automatic out from the right side. He's a tough pitcher, Jonny Venters. Righties have a lot of trouble with him, so there was no thought there.

NLDS Game 1 postgame interview: Lincecum, Posey

Q. Buster, how many times do you think you went out to see Tim, and did it usually lead to something good?

BUSTER POSEY: I would guess two or three times maybe. I probably didn't even need to. It was a matter of making sure we stayed on the same page.

Q. Did you imagine this must have been what Carlos Ruiz felt like yesterday?

BUSTER POSEY: Oh, gosh. I can't imagine what he felt like, because that was fun. The fans were behind us the whole game, and there was a lot of electricity out there. And when you throw a complete game shut out with 14 strikeouts, it's going to get pretty loud, I guess.

Q. What was your read on Timmy's demeanor out there?

BUSTER POSEY: From the first inning on, pretty much, he kind of had that confidence that you like to see out of him and carried it the whole way through.

Q. Buster, were you able to hear the fans chanting "Posey's better" every time Heyward came up?

BUSTER POSEY: No, actual, I didn't hear it. ) Actually.

Q. Buster, were you safe?

BUSTER POSEY: I guess it's a good thing we don't have instant replay right now.

Q. Can you talk about that slide?

BUSTER POSEY: Well, I saw that he swung and missed, and I could see I don't know if it was Conrad or Gonzalez that was covering the bag, so I saw it was kind of up the line, and it was a beautiful slide, wasn't it (smiling)?

Q. Just your overall perspective on your first post season game and having a successful one at that?

BUSTER POSEY: Just overall assessment? We came out on the side we wanted to. Pretty special first post season game for me. And just to be a part of what this guy did tonight, it's a good one.

KATY FEENEY: Tim is here now so indicate to whom your question is directed to.

Q. Tim, after that first pitch, what did you tell yourself to calm yourself down?

TIM LINCECUM: The first pitch or the batter?

Q. The batter?

TIM LINCECUM: Don't worry about it, make your pitches and everything will be fine. You tell yourself, you've done this a thousand times. We've been in these situations. It's another game and just treat it like that.

Q. Were there any other points when you had to go through that sort of mental checklist, or once you got by the Infante double, did you feel like you were in command pitch after pitch?

TIM LINCECUM: Yeah, for the most part, the two balls that hurt me were the two hits, and they were lead off hits. So they put you in a shut down mode, where you've got to make better pitches and better location. And other than that, that was pretty much all I dealt with.

Q. Tim, early in the game, it looked like to get outs, you went to off speed stuff, and later in the game, just said, hey, here is the fastball and you were throwing it past people. Did the game have two different parts to it?

TIM LINCECUM: Yeah, it progressed like it did. I don't feel like it felt like two halves. All the pitches were working. Buster and I were on the same page, for the most part. And just trying to fill out the strike zone, few batters in the first few innings got to look at those 3 2 counts, and I had to make a better pitch.

But other than that, it just felt like things were in place.

Q. Tim, the first post season game, but if any major league game have you ever pitched better?

TIM LINCECUM: I don't know, that's hard to judge what "better" would be. If you come out on top, I think that's good. Shut out, as far as shut outs go, I think that's up there with one of my better ones, if I had to rate it.

Q. Did having the extra rest make that much of a difference?

TIM LINCECUM: I don't know if it made that much of a difference. I felt anxious to get out there a couple of days ago. You've got to deal with those extra days. But other than that, just trying to stay in the right mind set and not worry about the game, came up quickly. And a couple of hours before the game, it kind of felt like they drug on, but, yeah.

Q. Struck out the side a whole bunch of times in your career, but in the second inning, they swung the bat nine times and they missed all nine. Nine swinging strikes. Do you think you've ever struck out the side with nine swinging strikes?

TIM LINCECUM: Not that I knew about. But the game will show you where it goes. And you see swings where they're late, and you start sticking with it and reading that. And I got Buster back there helping me with that, so it makes it twice as easy.

Q. Tim, how great is it to work with a guy like Buster? You're both so young, playing in a post season game.

TIM LINCECUM: It's great, just relaxed feeling, telling each other, we've done this before, no big deal, come out and play the game. And throwing to Posey has been great for me. The guy is a student of the game. Like I said before, just wants to get better and help us get better. So those two things put together, works well.

Q. Tim, did you have anyone lead off triple, error, whatever it was, doesn't produce a run, any thoughts about that? Gee, it would be nice to get an insurance run or

TIM LINCECUM: Not right now. You get that one run and you know how valuable it is in the postseason. So you try to turn it into shut down mode after that and take advantage of any run we get.

Q. Tim, is it hard to believe that August happened?

TIM LINCECUM: Yeah. Time and time again, guys tell me that guys go through struggles, Timmy, you're human, this kind of stuff. But it almost feels like it's that far back there, try not to think about it, try not to get back into that same mental slide.

Other than that, going up right now, things feel like they're in the right place.

Q. Buster, it looked to us with all the high foul balls to start off the game, that Tim might have been amp'd up there. It looked like things might have gotten better after the first swing through from Jason Heyward on the change up. Did you call that pitch at all as a way to make him sort of calm down a little bit?

TIM LINCECUM: No, I don't think I did. You know, I never really sensed he was amped up too much more than normal. It was pretty much the same. Like Timmy said, the same as it's been the past month or so. His fastball had a lot of late movement on it tonight and we kept using I think he threw it the high fastball ended up playing into our hands a little bit better than you saw late in the game. We got a lot of swing throughs on high heaters.

Q. Tim, was there any discussion about who would pitch the 9th inning in the dugout?

TIM LINCECUM: No. Rags looked at me and asked me how I was feeling, and I said I was feeling fine. So that was pretty much it.

Q. Tim, your first post season start. Could you have imagined pitching any better than this?

TIM LINCECUM: No. I was hoping to be in a situation to give me team a chance to win. Working off that, and everything else has kind of been that cherry on the top. So take it as it comes. It's good.

Q. Tim, in this big game when you're striking out all those people, are you feeling excited? If not, what are you feeling at that time?

TIM LINCECUM: You know, maybe a little bit of excitement as the game gets closer to the end, especially when we scored that run. But other than that, it's just worrying about that next pitch, not too much excitement. Except for maybe getting out of innings, when runners are on base. But outside of that, I don't think there was I think I kept my emotions in check, and I was pretty poised out there.

Q. We've seen you get so many swings and misses on your change up. But as Buster said, your fastball had more movement on it. Certainly it was a big pitch for you. What adjustment did you make to get that movement on it or life on it?

TIM LINCECUM: Nothing lately, just sticking with what I've been doing this last month. In between starts routine, you know, pretty much, I was reading it as the game was going. Their swings were telling me what I needed to throw.

Q. You set the tone for the series with this kind of game. What is your sense of how Matt can follow that up and Jonathan Sanchez after that?

TIM LINCECUM: I feel like these guys are definitely poised and ready to get back out there. I was ready for scratching to get on that field after six or seven days off. I'm sure these guys are itching to get that second wind. And it gives us a little bit of a spring board to go off of and tack on tomorrow. So I feel Matty and Sans are going to be fine.

Q. When you were coming off the field it looked like you said something to the home plate umpire. What was that about?

TIM LINCECUM: He told me to take my bracelet off.

Q. You look at the great game that Roy Halladay pitched yesterday, four runs quickly. What kind of approach does that take versus tonight where any one mistake could have been meant the ballgame?

TIM LINCECUM: I think that's how it goes in the game. Everyone knows that first run, or any run is big. We're going to turn into shut down mode or play the best defense we can, pitch the best we can, scoring a run. And it's a different kind of situation with Roy Halladay, four run lead going into that. Different kind of pressure. Different situation, so...

Q. Tim, this franchise has been around since '83. Nobody has struck out more than 10. You struck out 14. Do you find that hard to believe?

TIM LINCECUM: I mean, especially with the great arms that have come through this organization. I mean, but I don't know. I'm just happy about it. I was able to do what I did today.

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