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05/10/08 9:44 PM ET

Vizquel suggests Giants add a bat

Shortstop says team could use hitter with 'a little bit more fire'

SAN FRANCISCO -- When Omar Vizquel talks, people listen.

Every so often, Vizquel will deliver a remark that succinctly captures the state of the team and, if a problem exists, offers a possible solution. Due to his impressive Major League tenure, which spans 20 seasons, and his considerable accomplishments, including his 11 Gold Glove Awards at shortstop, Vizquel tends to know what he's talking about.

So it was intriguing Saturday when Vizquel expressed the Giants' need for an impact hitter after their 8-2 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies. It was Vizquel's first game back after having healed from arthroscopic left knee surgery performed on Feb. 22, but he wasted no time in expressing his opinion.

"We have some good players out there," Vizquel said. "It kind of surprises me when people kind of talk down on the team because I think this team has a lot of talent and we just have to put it together. We just need a couple of breaks, maybe one or two players that really bring some fire in here. I really think we need one player that brings a little bit more fire -- with the bat, of course."

Vizquel suggested that this key addition could be somebody obtained from a trade or even summoned from the Minor Leagues. As an example, he cited the brief flurry of offense that ensued after the Giants recalled John Bowker from Triple-A Fresno.

"I was watching the games on TV," Vizquel said. "It looked like he got things going, he got people going, he got everybody going. We need somebody to come in like that and initiate something, create things. Everybody's talking about the [lack of] power, but if we play the game right, hit line drives, [execute] hit-and-runs and keep stealing bases, you put a lot of pressure on the other team and maybe we can score a lot of runs."

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