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Tuesday, March 13, 2012:
Cubs 5, Giants 4
DeJesus, RF3110011.154
Jackson, B, LF2010010.385
Barney, 2B3011001.421
Gonzalez, SS2000011.222
Castro, S, SS3011011.273
Cardenas, 2B2110001.167
Soriano, A, LF3010002.529
Rizzo, 1B1112000.357
LaHair, 1B3000032.150
Jackson, J, P1000000.000
Sonnanstine, P0000000.000
Cabrera, A, P0000000.000
Mather, 3B3010010.500
DeWitt, 3B1000000.545
Clevenger, C3110001.417
Castillo, W, C1010000.400
Sappelt, CF3010002.231
Campana, CF1000011.000
Volstad, P11100001.000
a-Vitters, PH1011000.250
Maine, P0000000.000
Szczur, RF2000011.286
a-Tripled for Volstad in the 4th.
Pagan, CF4121000.269
Brown, G, CF1010000.182
Cabrera, Me, LF3000001.481
Affeldt, P0000000.000
Fontenot, 2B1111100.556
1-Noonan, PR0000000.250
Sandoval, P, 3B3010000.250
Pill, 1B2000013.300
Posey, C2000001.000
Stewart, C, C2111000.333
c-Blanco, PH1000002.522
Huff, 1B3010000.318
Romo, P0000000.000
Arias, 3B1000001.176
Belt, RF3010011.333
Christian, LF1010000.286
Theriot, 2B-3B3010001.250
Graham, T, RF1011000.100
Crawford, SS2110001.389
Mota, P0000000.000
b-Sanchez, H, PH1000002.438
Hembree, P0000000.000
Bumgarner, P1000010.000
Edlefsen, P0000000.000
a-Schierholtz, PH1000001.333
Burriss, LF-SS2000011.391
a-Flied out for Edlefsen in the 5th. b-Grounded out for Mota in the 8th. c-Flied out for Stewart, C in the 9th.
1-Ran for Fontenot in the 9th.
2B: Mather (2, Bumgarner), DeJesus (1, Bumgarner), Soriano, A (3, Edlefsen), Cardenas (1, Romo).
3B: Vitters (1, Bumgarner), Sappelt (1, Affeldt).
HR: Rizzo (1, 7th inning off Romo, 1 on, 2 out).
TB: DeJesus 2; Jackson, B; Barney; Castro, S; Cardenas 2; Soriano, A 2; Rizzo 4; Mather 2; Clevenger; Castillo, W; Sappelt 3; Volstad; Vitters 3.
RBI: Barney (7), Castro, S (2), Vitters (2), Rizzo 2 (4).
2-out RBI: Vitters; Rizzo 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Sappelt; LaHair 2; DeJesus; Szczur; Cardenas.
Team RISP: 2-for-11.
Team LOB: 7.

SB: Castro, S (2, 2nd base off Bumgarner/Posey), Jackson, B (1, 2nd base off Hembree/Stewart, C).
CS: Castillo, W (1, 2nd base by Mota/Stewart, C).

2B: Pagan (1, Sonnanstine), Fontenot (3, Sonnanstine).
3B: Pagan (1, Jackson, J).
TB: Pagan 5; Brown, G; Fontenot 2; Sandoval, P; Stewart, C; Huff; Belt; Christian; Theriot; Graham, T; Crawford.
RBI: Pagan (4), Fontenot (2), Stewart, C (1), Graham, T (2).
2-out RBI: Pagan; Graham, T.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Cabrera, Me; Burriss; Sanchez, H; Blanco.
SAC: Crawford.
Team RISP: 4-for-10.
Team LOB: 9.

SB: Brown, G (1, 2nd base off Cabrera, A/Castillo, W).

Volstad(W, 1-0)3.02000100.00
Maine(H, 2)1.01000100.00
Jackson, J(H, 1)3.03110101.80
Cabrera, A(S, 1)1.01001003.86
Bumgarner(L, 0-1)4.07330403.72
WP: Romo.
Groundouts-flyouts: Volstad 7-1, Maine 1-1, Jackson, J 5-3, Sonnanstine 1-1, Cabrera, A 2-1, Bumgarner 1-5, Edlefsen 2-0, Affeldt 1-1, Romo 1-0, Mota 1-0, Hembree 0-1.
Batters faced: Volstad 11, Maine 4, Jackson, J 12, Sonnanstine 8, Cabrera, A 5, Bumgarner 19, Edlefsen 4, Affeldt 4, Romo 5, Mota 3, Hembree 4.
Umpires: HP: Mike Winters. 1B: Jim Reynolds. 2B: Ted Barrett. 3B: Jim Wolf.
Weather: 78 degrees, sunny.
Wind: 2 mph, Out to CF.
T: 2:44.
Att: 11,447.
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media