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11/13/2007 12:08 PM ET
Hitting consistently key for Reimold
Outfielder comments on offense during online chat
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O's prospect Nolan Reimold is concentrating on hitting consistently to all fields while playing with the AFL Desert Dogs. Prior to Tuesday's game with Scottsdale, the outfielder chatted with fans and commented on his offense, the Futures Game, his injuries in 2007, and more.

Nolan Reimold: Hello, fans. Thanks for joining me in the chat today!

Q: Hi, Nolan. Great game on Sunday. Is there anything in particular you have been working on while playing in the AFL?

Reimold: I've been trying to be a more consistent player. And to do that I've got to hit the ball to all fields. I went through a stretch out here where I got a little too pull-happy and got into a funk, but I've been trying to work that out and finish strong.

Q: When you were first drafted, did you give yourself a set amount of time to make to the Majors?

Reimold: When I got drafted, I wanted to get there as quickly as possible. But injuries have set me back a little bit. Hopefully I can be there in the near future, hopefully next year sometime.

Q: Have you found that Minor League life is similar to how it was depicted in "Bull Durham"?

Reimold: I've never really seen the whole movie, I've only seen parts. I'm going to have to go rent it and sit down and watch it.

Q: What was your favorite team growing up? Favorite player?

Reimold: My favorite team growing up was always the Cleveland Indians. I always liked the Indians because they're close by and they always seemed to be better than the Pirates. I'm from Pennsylvania, between the two teams. My favorite player was always Manny Ramirez. I just loved the way he hit.

Q: After the championship game on Saturday, how long of a breather will you take before you start on your offseason regimen?

Reimold: After Saturday, fly home on Sunday and probably take a few days off before I start working out. I'll probably get a personal trainer for a few times a week, and then lift on my own the other days. This year I'll probably concentrate a lot on flexibility and core strength and do whatever I can to stay healthy next year.

Q: What was the regimen you went through in Sarasota when you were recovering from the oblique strain this season? It seemed to work out well.

Reimold: With an oblique there's not much you can do but rest. When I got down to Florida for the first two weeks all I did was go in, heat it, ultrasound and then ice. When it started to feel better I started to take swings off the tee. And then soft toss and finally batting practice.

Q: What was it like being able to participate in the Futures Game in 2006?

Reimold: It was an awesome experience, especially since it was in Pittsburgh, which is about an hour from my house. I had a lot of friends and family come up to the game that saw me fly out to left field in one at-bat. I'll never forget it though.

Q: Do you feel more comfortable in right field than left or center? Nick Markakis has right field locked up, so I'm wondering where you see yourself ending up?

Reimold: Yes, I feel more comfortable in right field -- only because that's where I've played more. I played only right field in college and mostly since I've been pro. I'm sure that if I played left more often, it would grow on me.

Q: What excites you most about being a part of the Orioles organization?

Reimold: What excites me most is the fact tat they're giving me the opportunity to play and move up in the organization. The Orioles have been a first-class organization in my experience so far. And they seem to have a great following. I'm looking forward to playing in Baltimore.

Q: I see you were picked for the 2006 Futures Game. Did you get to ask any MLB All-Stars for advice?

Reimold: When I was in Pittsburgh I got to meet a few MLB All-Stars. I met Ryan Howard and David Wright. I actually got to ride around in a limo with David Wright since we have the same agent. I didn't really ask him for any advice though.

Q: Nolan, congratulations on your success so far. As you know a group of your dad's old college buddies have been following your career. We are rooting for you! Being from Western Pennsylvania, would you like to play one day for the Tribe? We could sure use you.

Reimold: I'm guessing that this is one of my dad's old college buddies. I'll tell him that you said hi. I did mention before that my favorite team growing up was the Indians, and they're very close to my house. So it would be great to play for them. But I am very happy being with Baltimore and being an Oriole.

Q: Do representatives from the Orioles organization have any contact with you during the AFL season?

Reimold: Yes they do. Our Minor League coordinator, David Stockstill, was just out here. He saw me go 0-for-12, I think. But right after he left I went 4-for-5 with a home run.

Q: Will you be disappointed if you are sent back down to the Minors after Spring Training?

Reimold: No, hopefully in Spring Training I'll make a good showing and play well. But, I think, realistically, I wouldn't be making the team. Hopefully in the Minors I will perform well, get a few at-bats under my belt and get called up later in the season.

Q: What parts of your game do you think you need to improve? What parts are Major League ready?

Reimold: I think I need to improve on hitting the ball to all fields. I think with my swing, I'm naturally a pull hitter and when I go back to that, I become inconsistent. Major League players are very consistent in their approach at the plate and their swing. Once I'm able to do that, I think I'll be good.

Q: Do you study hitting at all?

Reimold: No, but I do watch baseball on TV to see other guys and how they handle certain pitches.

Q: When you were a kid, whose swing did you try to emulate?

Reimold: Babe Ruth.

Reimold: Thanks for joining me in the chat today, I had a great time. Hope you did, too.

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