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Diverse Business Partners
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Diverse Business Partners

Diversity Evident at Intern Orientation

MLB hosts 47 in summer internship program
E. Claudio, MLB DBP Intern and Maritza R. Alarcon, MLB DBP Intern. (Courtesy DBP)

NEW YORK -- On an early and bright Monday morning, the 2007 Major League Baseball (MLB) summer interns walked into the Office of the Commissioner. Forty-seven of us stepped into an incredible conference room surrounded by fresh breakfast and a spectacular midtown view of New York City. We found our seats and waited for the summer intern orientation to begin with opening remarks from Robert Manfred, Executive Vice President of Labor Relations and Human Resources.

After everyone stated their name, school and department, we realized that females and several ethnicities were well-represented. Following a networking activity, we met people with Latin American, Asian, Indian and African-American backgrounds.

We all hail from several different places such as Brooklyn, the Bronx, St. Louis, Florida and Michigan. Similarly, the schools we represent span from Harvard to Baruch College, CUNY to the University of Southern California and Binghamton University, SUNY. After our introductions, Robert Manfred discussed the importance of diversity on and off the field and how lucky he feels to be part of such a unique environment at MLB.

Familiar with the widespread diversity on the field, the interns were pleased to realize that it also rang true in our summer internship program. Jasper Wang, a rising sophomore at Yale University who interns in the Legal department said, "I was struck by the huge diversity among the speakers which nearly mirrored the diversity found in the intern group."

Mark Weinstein, a rising senior at NYU who interns at MLB Productions agreed, "Going around the room and hearing different colleges from all across the country being represented gave me the feeling of being welcomed into an exclusive, national club. It gave us all an opportunity to learn about each other; where we all come from, our experiences, and where we want to go."

At the closing of the event, the interns had an opportunity to hear closing statements made by Wendy Lewis, Vice President of Strategic Planning for Recruitment and Diversity. After giving us quality practical career advice, she shared one of her favorite quotes with us. "I am sending you out as sheep among wolves. Be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves," said Lewis. And, just like that we were sent off to work hard and enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime.

About Diverse Business Partners
Diverse Business Partners (DBP) is MLB's supplier diversity program. DBP assists minority and women business owners interested in registering with MLB as potential suppliers by giving them the opportunity to bid on contracts with one or more of the 30 clubs. DBP is currently reaching out to teams and urging current and potential vendors to register online at