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04/22/08 5:52 PM ET
'Fantasy 411' chat transcript: April 22
Schwartz talks numbers, analyzes trades in complete-game effort
Fireballing youngster Homer Bailey could soon be recalled to help the Reds rotation. (Gene J. Puskar/AP)


Cory: Hi all this is Cory, I'll be going solo today, so send in your questions now and I'll get going around 3:00 after the end of today's 411... thanks!

baseballmod: Welcome to today's Fantasy 411 chat. Please keep submitting your questions for Corey and Casey...

Cory: Hi all, just finished up with another fun-filled 411 with Casey, send in your questions and I'll get going in a few minutes...

pfelon: I've stashed Homer Bailey on the bench in my keeper league because he is destroying hitters in the minors thus far- smart move or is his callup still months away? (-Dan in LA)

Cory: With every great start he makes (1 walk allowed in each of his first four), and every bad start by the Reds' 5th starter in front of him, the closer he gets...

Cory: I'd give Belisle two more starts, and if he doesn't do much and Bailey is still doing well by then, I think Homer will get the call...

Cory: I think Bailey's performance last season was really hampered by the strained groin, and if fully healthy this year, we should see a different guy this time around.

Cory: By the way, this is Cory, I'm going solo today... no Mike or Casey

Boblheader: Uggla or Kent, Who will play better in the coming weeks and over the season

Cory: Even though he's off to a slow start, I would stuck with Uggla... even when healthy, Kent is no longer a big power threat, more like a 285/22/80 type of guy at this point. Uggla won't hit for average but could do 255/28/85, and I'd rather have the big HR totals, plus the extra runs batting 2nd

slapweasel: I just traded G. Sherrill and N. Swisher for A. Dunn and C. Delgado. With Swisher batting leadoff, I think I improved my RBI & HR totals sufficiently. I now have to hunt and peck for a third closer. Did I do the right thing?

Cory: Slappy, I'd be more worried about Delgado than giving up Sherrill... I don't want to overract to a bad two-week stretch, but given his age and health problems and decline last year, Delgado is a serious concern. He looks awful right now, and his upside is already very limited, probably 265/27/90 in the best case scenario. The downside is ugly.

deanobee: Ben Francisco was recalled by Cleveland today. Do you think he will make any Fantasy impact?

Cory: The Tribe offense has been slow to heat up, so Francisco could get an extended look for the next few weeks. He has some pop and some speed, but probably not enough of either to be an impact player outside of deeper or AL-only leagues.

janingla: guys, i am in a 12 team mixed 8x8 with holds in it. Can you suggest a sleeper or waiver wire players that i could pick up to get me holds?

Cory: Look for lesser known relievers on good teams. Remember that there can be multiple holds in each game, so even a guy who comes in the game in the 6th can get one. See if Jensen Lewis is available, he's thrown well for the Indians and could move up in their pecking order with Borowski ouit.

Cory: Borowski is "out", too.

deanobee: 12 team 5x5 mixed. Short on Closers. Offering Ben Sheets straight up for JJPutz (who's due back tonight). Fair offer or should I add another player like Heath Bell, making it a 2-1?

Cory: I think it's a fair opening offer given the uncertainty around Putz's health, but with Sheets to miss a start, it puts his health concerns back in the spotlight. The other guy should at least counter, though, but I'd be surprised if this deal was accepted as-is.

u2clone: I know we say 'hitters hit', I would be ok with that if my entire offense wasn't slumping: Fielder, Braun, Beltran, Adrian Gonzalez, Glaus, Patterson, Kelly Johnson, and the list goes on. Ina 12 team NL only 5x5 keeper, do I need to start getting worried

Cory: I'm not terribly worried about Fielder, Braun or Gonzalez. Beltran's knee problems concern me somewhat, but more in terms of SB's than his actual hitting. Glaus is on the downside and has injury risk, and Patterson is very streaky as you have already seen. Kelly Johnson should produce if healthy, but may need more rest than we'd like 'cuz of his sore knees. Overall this is a bunch with a lot of upside but not without risk.

clev_yahoo: 8 team AL only 6x6 extra cat AB, IP... i have 2 guys coming off the DL soon (Granderson and Kazmir), which of these players are least likely to give me value later in the season (ie which should I cut)... Jerry Owens, Marcus Thames, Saltalamacchia, Josh

Cory: Saltalamacchia is clearly the guy you want here. He's a catcher off to a good start in AAA, and Laird has not been doing much in front of him, so he should be back up before too long. Owens is a fine pinch-runner, and Thames is a platoon player.

pfelon: Is this just a slow start by Tulo or do you think he is set for a legit "sophomore" slump?

Cory: I think Tulo was overrated on draft day due to his mediocre K-BB rate and lack of steals. In that lineup and ballpark I think he should bounce back to, say, 280/25/80, but I would not count on more than that and I think many folks are.

deanobee: Re: Frank Thomas. The last 24 hours on Canada's version of "Sportscenter", several players and including Manager John Gibbons have been interviewed about rumors that Barry Bonds is being pursued by the club. What do you think?

Cory: Bonds would be a great fit for the Blue Jays because in addition to DH'ing he'd be a far better option in LF than Shannon Stewart. I drafted him for $1 in NL Tout hoping he might end up in the NL somewhere, but there are very few AL teams that couldn't use his bat as a LF/DH option five days a week.

tsunami65: Any idea when Clayton Kershaw or Max Scherzer might arrive and how will they do?

Cory: Check out Scherzer's stats in three starts so far in AAA: 17.0 IP, 7 hits, 0 runs (that's right), 3 walks and 29 K's. At this rate he'll be up at some time in May, if not sooner, but probably as a reliever to start.

Cory: Kershaw is also off to a fine start -- 23-8 K-BB rate in 19.2 IP -- but the Dodgers will probably be more patient with him since he's only 20 years old (wow!). Look for him in the 2nd half.

swift19: Should I continue to expect Dustin Pedroia to exceed expectations? 50RBIS and 7SBs in 2007 11RBIS and 2 SBs in 2008 so far

Cory: Depends what your expectations are. He got off to a brutal start last year and finished with fine numbers. I think he'll end up around 300/7/65/10, very solid for a late-round 2B/MI.

clev_yahoo: my post cut off - Josh Fields, Alane Embree (i have Street), Accardo (i have Ryan) was the rest of this list

Cory: Accardo should be held indefinitely since Ryan won't pitch back-to-back. Embree has some value but I'd expect Casilla to close if/when Street gets traded or hurt. Fields has power but does little else, and they need to deal Crede first.

Cory: Overall, rank them Accardo, Salty, Fields, Embree, Owens, Thames

PrincePapi: trade question...5x5 mixed vanilla...Im falling a little short in HR but have excess speed. I am hurting at SS and have OF Bourne sitting on my bench besides Mon/Thur. How would you rate acquiring Peralta for Bourne

Cory: Sounds like a good fit given your needs and strengths, but with Bourn leading the Majors in steals, and Peralta off to a slow start, I wonder if you couldn't get even more?

swift19: Matt Holiday is 4 for 4 on the base path so far this year? He only had 11 last year, is he going to get me more than 20 this year?

Cory: I doubt 20, but he should be a Carlos Lee type who is always good for 12-15 or so because he's a smart baserunner.

scottymack: Can I get your thoughts on this trade I just completed in my AL-only, 5x5 keeper league: Traded Daric Barton & Travis Buck for Big Erv & Jay Payton. Big Erv bacomes my #4 starter behind Beckett, Vazquez & McGowan.

Cory: I like this in a keeper league; Barton is going to be a fine hitter but I'm unimpressed by Buck. The way Erv has pitched so far he may well have arrived so at worst this looks like a break-even deal. Nice rotation!

bradyboy12: Do you think that C.C. Sabathia will rebound from his slow start?

Cory: I think he will. The stuff has been there (95 MPH on the fastball), but the command has not and you have to wonder if his contract situation is weighing on his head. But given his track record in the past 3-4 seasons, I think he's a very good buy low candidate

zuzubar: Hey guys, just wanted to get your thoughts on this trade that was proposed to me. I receive Zimmerman, King Felix, R. Betancourt, and Hamels in exchange for Braun, Berkman, and Cueto. I was trying to get rid of an OF originally in the deal as I have a sur

Cory: Depends on how badly you need SP, because giving up both Braun and Berkman is a major hit to your offense. I don't mind shopping Cueto to sell high, but giving up this much offense defeats the purpose.

knebworth: does adam laroche rebound to last years numbers?

Cory: I'd rather not see guys starting this slowly every year, but given how LaRoche ended up last year you'd expect him to reach those numbers again. It doesn't appear '06 is a reasonable expectation, though.

vixrammers: what do you think of this trade?? webb, beltre & cj wilson for AROD & oliver perez??

Cory: Webb is quickly closing on Santana and Peavy in the elite SP's, Beltre is a solid bat and Wilson is off to a good start as the Rangers closer. But A-Rod is the best fantasy player in the game so I'd seek a minor upgrade over Beltre or Wilson... think Ryan Zimmerman or Joakim Soria instead, something like that.

brisco63: I have great hitting and need a SP. Should I deal Utley and a mid range starter for Peavy and Cano or for Johann and Aaron Hill?

Cory: I'd rather have Peavy/Cano than Johan/Hill, because I think the gap between Cano and Hill will be greater than between Johan and Peavy. But it better be an expendable starter, because there's no reason to think Utley can't have an MVP caliber season this year

deanobee: 20 team 5x5 mixed. With the return of the Big Unit and the upcoming returns of Kazmir and Harden (hopefully!), I traded DiceK for Bobby Abreu. I needed some help at OF. (Deano in Newfoundland)

Cory: Dice-K's command is still a concern, and Abreu is still a solid all-around player, so on that respect this is a fair trade. But if you're relying on Unit, Kazmir and Harden to lead your rotation, you're taking on a major risk. Too much risk for me.

clev_yahoo: Not a question - but thanks for the 411 at 2pm this year - much easier for me to get home from work to catch the show live instead of podcast - Carl in France

Cory: We're huge in Belgium, too! -)

chi100yrs: Trade question - 12 team, vanilla keeper - I just landed Ellsbury and Cain for the price of Swisher, Rauch, and Wandy. Baseball Prospectus' PFM tells me that this is a win, but I'd like your opinion on the deal.

Cory: We answered this on today's show, but for those who didn't listen to the podcast (yet)... if Rauch is a setup guy, you did find here. If Rauch ends closing all year, this one could end up hurting, especially if Wandy comes back and pitches well, which I think he will. Easy to see a scenario where you win this deal but just as easy to see one where you lose it.

clev_yahoo: i have invested heavily in Detroit this year (Palonco, Ordonez, Sheff, Granderson - and Thames as a backup), did I make a mistake or will they come around?

Cory: Siano takes a lot of grief for always picking a lot of Yankees, but they're good. These are all good hitters too, so you can't ever have "too many"... but there are age and health concerns with all of them, so the real question is whether or not you paid fair value to get them.

janingla: in a 15 team mixed 5x5 i have guzman at SS and i need to up grade. The players that are available are barmes, harris, loretta, uribe. Who would you suggest would be better.

Cory: Guzman is actually off to an excellent start, it's certainly not his fault that the Nationals haven't been able to score. I don't think he'll hit .321 all year but he did hit .328 in 174 AB's last year, too, so maybe he's better than we gave him credit for? That said, Clint Barmes has all but won the 2B job from Nix in Colorado, and is a better hitter than Guzman, so I would pick him up and play both until Guzman turns into a pumpkin.

Cory: Keep sending in questions folks, I'm making way down the list! No question goes unanswered as long as I get it by 4:25 today!

Boblheader: I'm in a deep 20-team points league. Who will give me the most value and playing time at 1B? Overbay, Sean Casey, Garciaparra or Hatteburg?

Cory: Overbay will give you the most playing time, but he's not hitting much and didn't last year either. On PT alone he looks to be the pick but that's a pretty poor list... 20-team leagues are tough!

poohbear53: the way carpenter has been coming along think he'll be back before all star and what kind of impact if any the rest of the year?

Cory: I still don't think the Cards will rush him, but if he came back in the 2nd half I think everyone would be very happy. Don't expect an impact player, but as the saying goes, 80% of Carpenter is better than 100% of most SP's.

Boblheader: Is Peavy for Connor Jackson and Joe Saunders a good trade?

Cory: I wouldn't give up Peavy for those guys, despite their hot starts. Saunders is not a big strikeout pitcher so he will cool off, and while I like Jackson to put up good numbers, this is clearly over his head. Even if he goes 300/25/100, I'd probably rather have Peavy anyway.

clev_yahoo: Mags=22, Granderson=16, Sheff=13, Polanco=8, Thames=FA... used mlb as site for values on draft day and only took 'deals'

Cory: All fair prices. No complaints here.

slapweasel: Since my offense is stacked and Delgado is a minor 'risk', should I drop him for E. Encarnacion immediately? (Milledge and Lugo are also available)

Cory: I would've taken Encarnacion first out of any of those guys on draft day, and given how they have all started, he's clearly the best choice. Act now, don't delay!

scottymack: Who do you like to turn ST play time into LT meaningful play time? Ryan Raburn, Jason Botts, Matt Tolbert, Nathan Haynes, Alberto Callaspo

Cory: I'm not a big fan of any of these guys, but they should all get a chance to win a job to some extent this year. I'd probably look towards Botts because of his power upside, but none of these guys are superior prospects.

u2clone: Is Scott Olsen's start to the season for real? He 'appears' to have matured on the mound, I haven't seen him lose his focus yet even when things aren't going his way. The K's are down, but I wonder if that is part of his learning curve. He's hard to t

Cory: The most important sign is only 8 walks allowed in 27.2 IP, a drop of about 50% in his career walk rate. The drop in K's is a concern, but at least this shows he is throwing more strikes, and quality strikes. He's faced PIT and WSH twice, too, so other than one start against ATL it hasn't been tough competition, but if he gets on a roll the talent is there. He's worth holding onto for now.

pfelon: I really think JJ Hardy overachieved last year- what is a reasonable expectation for him stat-wise this year?

Cory: I always like Hardy but agree he overachieved last year. I always though he'd be a .270/20/70 type of guy so I'll stick with that for this year.

knebworth: I have Chipper Jones in 2 vanilla leagues. Is it time to sell high? I see another injury coming soon.

Cory: Chipper is an elite hitter so if you're going to trade him, get full value. But you should've drafted a backup plan when you got him, because you know he will get hurt at some point, and having a good backup option would prevent you from having to deal him for less than fair value.

deanobee: 20 team league. My only offense is coming from Manny, ARod, Abreu and Mauer. Should I try to trade Manny or ARod in an attempt to upgrade at other spots? I have Guzman at SS, Kent at 2B, Iwamura at IF, LaRoche at 1B. I can get two solid players for 1.

Cory: Any player is worth trading at the right price, but as above, you need to get a windfall to deal A-Rod. I'd be more inclined to shop Manny, who should bring a fine return thanks to his hot start.

u2clone: Any thoughts as to who is going to snag the LF spot in Washington, Pena's been terrible, Dukes isn't coming till May if his probation officer is Felipe Lopez gonna hold it? What are the odds that they call up Justin Maxwell for a tryout?

Cory: Pena is the best hitter of that bunch but that ain't saying much. Maxwell is an excellent power/speed prospect but has huge holes in his swing so even though he will get a chance, I wouldn't count on him keeping the job. He's got the best upside, but theyr'e all very risk.

Cory: "...they're all very risky" is what I meant to say. I blame the keyboard for those typos. -)

chrisgold: I've got Johnny Peralta at SS. His start is a little slow. Is it worth replacing him with Lugo, Betancourt or Theriot? Or should I try to trade up?

Cory: Lugo's speed gives him a lot of value and his bat seems to be coming around. But I wouldn't dump Peralta outright, I think he's a .275/25/80 guy when all is said and done. The Tribe offense overall hasn't been doing much so you could see them all get hot together soon, a la the Rockies.

clev_yahoo: with Westbrook going on the DL will Cleveland call up Miller and is he worth a shot with the #1 waiver pick?

Cory: Miller is a big-time prospect but I don't think he has even pitched yet this year. Expect Laffey or Sowers to get the call, but neither is worth picking up in a mixed league.

scottymack: I should've discounted those fringe guys with "AL-only" league since I know in a mixed league none would likely have any value this year.

Cory: Glad you said so, but still not much to get excited about there. -)

tsunami65: Mike napoli is my C. Do you like any of these better? Y Molina, Bako, Schneider, Chris Snyder?

Cory: Nope, I would've taken Napoli first on draft day and nothing since has changed my mind. He's got legit pop and draws a lot of walks so his runs total should be useful too.

jcook3127: Are you guys at all worried about Big Papi? He's started to come out of his funk lately stats-wise, but one double was because Milton Bradley couldn't see. Is he doing anything different? I'm worried he might have a Hafner-like Collapse this season.

Cory: Moderately concerned, since the K rate is up and the walk rate is down, and his knees might not be 100% right now. But he hit 332/35/117 last year, so I'd expect him to get rolling soon enough. Even Hafner's collapse last year still resulted in 100 RBI's, so let's not write off Ortiz just yet.

poohbear53: just heard about dl for westbrook in yahoo it's being called "a left intercostal strain" WHAT IS THAT? is it bad?

Cory: That's in the rib cage. Our friend Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus will have the details on this one, but my guess would be 3-4 weeks.

brisco63: Who should I drop when Granderson comes back? Kubel, Jose Guillen Either or Quentin. I'm leaning toward dropping Quentin.

Cory: Kubel, Ethier and Quentin have been hitting reasonably well, but Guillen has not. Kubel has the last job security of the bunch, but enough to be worthwhile. It's a fine line between 280/20/75 and 285/25/90, and Guillen may be on the wrong side of it right now. He's the one I'd let go.

u2clone: I have John Smoltz in my NL only league, being in ATL, I get all the info on the shoulder. He's been money so far. I'm trying to believe what he says that's getting better, is he a sell high candidate?

Cory: Any player for the right price. If you can get a big-time bat, why not? But when healthy he's been effective, and even last year at less than 100% he threw over 205 IP. Make sure you get a solid return, this guy is still among the top shelf.

knebworth: Is this the real Tom Gorzelanny? I still see upside with this guy.

Cory: I'm not a big fan. He doesn't strike out a lot of guys, the team behind him is mediocre, and he was worked very heavily at the end of last season for no good reason. In an NL-only league hope for the best, but in a vanilla mixed league, I don't see any real reason to hold him when guys like Olsen, Eveland and others are pitching better right now and may well continue to do so all year long.

janingla: cory, is there going to be a topic posted on the forum to put our fave 5s for tomorrow or just put them in under the fanasty fued?

Cory: Yes, I will do that right after the chat. Post your fave five TV shows and we'll reveal ours tomorrow on the show!

pfelon: When do you think the Mariners will call up Clement? Will he get regular at bats when they do? He's raking at AAA.

Cory: He sure is. And with Vidro and Wilkerson y'know, NOT raking, you'd have to expect Clement and Wladimir Balentien get the call before too long. The only problem is that the M's are usually very slow to call up their youngsters, so it might take a little longer than it would with some other organizations.

u2clone: Of the NL sophmores, whose slump concerns you the most?

Cory: Who are you worried about?

slapweasel: How do you see the Dodger/Orioles outfields shaping up? Ethier and L. Scott have looked like good Mon-Thu guys so far...

Cory: The real battle should be between Pierre and Jones, because Ethier and Kemp have both outplayed them both. I don't see Scott as a Mon/Thu guy though, I have him in there every day in the 411 league and only bench him vs. lefties. As long as he's hovering around .400 I can wait for the power, and I think it will come. This guy has a career .891 OPS, he's a legit hitter.

poohbear53: sounds like putz is getting ready to be activated,didn't he get hurt last year and recovered to do all right,don't recall what the injury was.

Cory: He had some elbow soreness during the spring but ended up with a 1.38 ERA and 82 K's in 71.2 IP, so it couldn't have hurt that much! He's throwing simulated games right now and might have a brief rehab stint, but he's very close to returning.

astian: 10 team mixed, Phil Hughes just hit waivers. Rich Hill, Burnett and Liriano are my 4-6. Is it worth dropping any of them?

Cory: In a 10-team league I don't think you need to jump on him. They're all comparable in value so go with the ones pitching the best. That sure ain't Hughes, at least not now.

dudsstuds: Hey guys, great show love the tribute to marz. Here's my question.......

Cory: Thanks. Hard to say we "enjoyed" a show like that, but I think it helped us feel a little better and it was great to run some of the best clips of a very funny and entertaining guy.

dudsstuds: Kevin in SoCal.....Trade proposal. I was offered Dan Haren, Corey Hart, Mark Reynolds and Brian Roberts and I would give up Corpas, Adrian Gonzalez, Vlad and Evan Longoria

Cory: Tough call because of the different value propositions in each group... Hart and Roberts offer a lot more SB's, while Corpas offers saves, and the Vlad group should also give a much better AVG. This looks reasonably fair in terms of value so then it's a question of needs.

canogurl24: Should i keep C.C Sabathia, or rtry to trade him away? Will he turn into the CY Young award winner from last year that I need

Cory: We answered this a little earlier... you won't get full value by shopping him now, so sit tight. His stuff is still intact so I think he will bounce back before too long.

brisco63: Is Bedard a buy low or does this injury really worry you? Who might you offer for him?

Cory: If I could buy low, I definitely would because his upside is considerable. But his hip condition is believed to be degenerative, so it's not going to get better without surgery... maintenance is the best hope right now.

Boblheader: I'm in a Survivor League first mid-season draft tonight. Should I take T. Hunter, Sheffield, Swisher, Cano or Tim Hudson?

Cory: If you start counting stats from today, not retroactively, I take Hunter first. In fact, I take him first regardless.

Cory: In his early career Ankiel has actually hit lefties much better than righties, so I don't see him falling into a platoon. The benching today probably has more to do with the fact that he's in a 2-for-17 slump. I think he'll be OK and end up with the most AB's of any Cardinals OF this year.

Cory: Oops, forgot to post the question to the above answer, here it is...

poohbear53: i see ankiel has been benched against left handed pitching today,is this the beginning of they do with duncan?i don't like having part time players.

Cory: There, that's better. -)

Cory: OK folks, another 15 minutes to go, I will answer as many as I can!

chrisgold: Thinking about you all and Marz's family. He was always larger than life, so he should fit in well up there with the bigs. Tribute was first class. Thank you all.

Cory: The above speaks for itself. Everything you've read and heard so far is true... you could never hope to meet a nicer guy. He will be missed and he is already.

Boblheader: Is Torri Hunter better than Ellsbury and/or Jason Bay?

Cory: I'm not a big Jason Bay fan, I always thought he was Jeff Conine with more speed. Ellsbury has huge SB upside but Torii's all-around game still makes him the top choice of these three.

scottymack: Any SBs in the AL that you feel I could trade either Eveland, Scott Baker or Gaudin for, or am I better off waiting for Jerry Owens to get called up?

Cory: Eveland or Baker could bring a very nice return right now, but SB's are very hard to get in an unmixed league. Can you buy low on Orlando Cabrera? Is 20 SB's enough to help you?

scottymack: Oh, and I hope the fingers aren't bleeding yet....

Cory: Getting a little numb but I'll make it to 4:30. -)

slapweasel: Since C. Duncan and L. Scott are both diminished against lefties, which would you rather roster?

Cory: Scott. As mentioned above, he has legit power and could hit .285 or so, I think he will far outstrip Duncan in value this year.

dudsstuds: Myself and another owner are trying to go after Brian Roberts. The team who is also trying to get him, may turn around and trade him to me. Would you give up Conor Jackson for him. I could then move Blalock to my CI position.

Cory: I would give up Jackson for Roberts 100 times out of 100. The real question is, would the other guy give up Roberts for Jackson only 1 time out of 100?

pfelon: Cory, thanks so much for this chat. Burning question: Is Cliff Lee really this good? If not, how good is he?

Cory: Thanks! I don't think Lee is "this good", no SP should be expected to maintain a 0.40 ERA. Given his age and injury history, I think a repeat of his 2005 peak season would be a very pleasant surprise. Wait to see how he does against the tougher offenses in the league, which OAK (twice) and MIN definitely are not.

Cory: OK folks, two more questions before we wrap up this puppy...

chrisgold: Recently dropped Gorzelanny for Big Erv. Any idea what's going on with Gorze and do you think Erv will finally deliver this season?

Cory: We touched on both of these guys earlier. I think Gorz was overrated this year, and Erv has much bigger upside. With Gorz's slow start and Erv's emergence, I would not look back. You got the right guy.

poohbear53: do you guys dabble in other fantasy sports like i would think the rest of us do and if so what other sports do you enjoy besides baseball?

Cory: We are all big sports fans here but baseball is what we do best. I know Siano loves badminton and skeet shooting, and Sterno likes knock-hockey and jacks, but I haven't heard of any such fantasy leagues so we'll stick to baseball. -)

Cory: With that, it's time for me to ice down my fingers... thanks to everyone for the great questions!

slapweasel: I'd like to echo the "Thank You's" written above.

Cory: You're welcome. -)

Cory: Thanks for joining me here today, and for listening to the 411. Sterno, Siano and I will be back tomorrow and every weekday at 2:00 p.m. ET. Post your fave five movies on the blog at and we'll discuss on tomorrow's show.

Cory Schwartz co-hosts " Fantasy 411" with Mike Siano and Casey Stern every weekday on BaseballChannel.TV. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.