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Sean Burroughs has a lot of hits this spring, but will his success carry over into the regular season? (AP)
Spring stats: A science or a sham?
There are two questions that never will be answered with certainty: What is the meaning of life? And what do Spring Training numbers mean? Full story >
Gibbons part of slugging quartet

Jay Gibbons is a lucky man: He gets the rare opportunity to hit behind splendid sluggers Miguel Tejada, Rafael Palmeiro and Javy Lopez, the Orioles' offseason acquisitions. The Era of the Big Four has begun in Baltimore. Full story >
• Spring Training Report:  56K | 350K
• Chad Moeller:  56K | 350K
• Craig Counsell:  56K | 350K
• Spring Training Report:  56K | 350K
• Roberto Alomar:  56K | 350K
• Richie Sexson:  56K | 350K
• Luis Gonzalez:  56K | 350K
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