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Target Field Access Guide

The Minnesota Twins and Target Field staff would like to welcome you to Target Field, which was designed and constructed to meet or exceed the most up-to-date federal and state accessibility requirements governing assembly occupancies. This guide was created for Twins fans with disabilities to explain our services, programs and policies. Our goal is that your visit to Target Field will be a pleasant and memorable experience.

For more information or to receive this guide in an alternate format, contact our Guest Services Staff at 1-800-33-TWINS or 612-33-TWINS (voice) or 612-659-3648 (TTY).

The Minnesota Twins and Target Field staff would like to thank you for your support.

Assisted Listening Devices (ALD)

State-of-the-art devices that transmit ballpark audio are available for guests who are hard of hearing for use during games. These devices are available free of charge. Our Guest Services staff is available to help ensure that your visit to Target Field is an enjoyable one. If you require assistance, please contact our Guest Services Staff at 1-800-33- TWINS or 612-33-TWINS (voice) or 612-659-3648 (TTY) or visit one of the Guest Services Centers located on the Main Concourse near Section 113 and on the Terrace Concourse near section 204.

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions

Making Target Field accessible for our guests with disabilities is an ongoing commitment. In our efforts to improve accessibility, we welcome all comments and suggestions.

Please direct any comments, suggestions or questions to:
Minnesota Twins
Target Field
1 Twins Way
Minneapolis MN 55403
VOICE: 612-659-3654
TTY: 612-659-3648
FAX: 612-659-4025

Concessions Stands

All concession stands at Target Field are accessible. If guests require assistance at any of the food service areas, please notify the nearest Concessions worker or Twins Guest Services staff member.

Drop off Zones

Vehicles with accessible parking permits may pick up and drop off passengers along 7th Street near both the Majestic Twins Clubhouse Store and Gate 14. Parking is not permitted in this location.

Electrical Outlets

Every row of accessible seating has at least one (and often 2) electrical outlet boxes.


All passenger elevators provided within the ballpark are accessible to guests with disabilities.

Emergency Evacuations

Target Field personnel have been trained in emergency evacuation procedures to ensure the safe evacuation of all patrons, including those guests with disabilities. Should an emergency evacuation situation occur, emergency information will be displayed on the scoreboard and announced on the public address system. Additional staff will proceed to the accessible seating areas to provide assistance to guests with disabilities. Areas of refuge are provided at every passenger elevator within the ballpark.


Escalators are located at gates 29 and gate 6 and stop at the Club Concourse and Terrace Concourse.

First Aid/Medical

Guests requiring first-aid are urged to immediately contact any member of the Guest Services Staff. Trained medical personnel are on duty for all events to assist guests. There is a First-Aid Station on the Main Concourse near Section 112 and on the Terrace Concourse near Section 216.

Gate Opening Times & Ballpark Access

For Monday-Thursday games, all gates open 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to game time. For Friday- Sunday games, all gates open 2 hours prior to game time. Guests utilizing wheelchairs may enter Target Field through any gate. There are elevators in close proximity to every gate, and a Guest Services staff member will be able to direct you to the closest elevator to your gate.

Information and Assistance

Our Guest Services staff is available to help ensure that your visit to Target Field is an enjoyable one. If you require assistance, please call 800-33- TWINS or 612-33-TWINS (voice) or 612-659-3648 (TTY) or visit one of the Guest Services Centers located near Section 113 on the Main Concourse and Section 204 on the Terrace Concourse.


There are 20,000 parking spots within five blocks of the ballpark, including nearly 8,000 spaces in the A, B & C Ramps. Both A and B Ramps offer direct connection to the ballpark via skyway or walkway, and are connected to the Minneapolis skyway system.

Pedestrian Routes

From Downtown:
At skyway level:

  1. The skyway leading from City Center, through Block E and into Target Center should be exited once you enter into Target Center. Proceed through the first set of doors to the right (approximately 20 feet past the skyway entrance into Target Center). Take the elevator to the first floor and exit outside to the plaza. Follow the plaza to the various main entrances to the ballpark.
  2. If instead you wish to remain indoors, rather than taking the elevator to 1st floor, continue through the Target Center at skyway level to the "T" in the skyway. Here choose to go left and you can continue to follow the skyway signs to Ramp "A" where a skyway will lead directly into the ballpark at the 1st base side of the field. This is a longer route than exiting to the plaza.

At street level:
Follow 6th Street to the pedestrian plaza walkway along the Target Center Building. Take this elevated walkway to the plaza and continue on to the main concourse level entrances at right field, near Twins Pro Shop or continuing to the home plate entrance.

Public Transportation

Target Field is the most multi-modal, transit-oriented ballpark in America. Read more about your transit options.


There are 2 restaurants located at Target Field. Hrbek's is located in the home-plate area of the Main Concourse, near Gate 14 and Section 114. The Town Ball Tavern is located in the left-field corner area of the Club Concourse, between Section V and Section 229. Both restaurants are fully wheelchair accessible.


All restrooms provided within the ballpark are accessible. For the convenience of our guests, there are several single-user restrooms available at Target Field. These are located on the Main Concourse near sections 112, 123, and 132; on the Club Concourse near section 238; on the Suite Concourse near Suite 14; and on the Terrace Concourse near sections 208, 214, and 220. If a more private environment is desired, please visit the nearest Guest Services Center.

UCare Seating Locations for Individuals with Disabilities

There is UCare accessible seating available on all levels at Target Field. UCare accessible seating at Target Field is available to all guests with any type of special seating needs. The UCare accessible seating at Target Field is designed to accommodate wheelchairs. Guests that do not use wheelchairs, but still require accessible seating, will be provided with padded folding chairs to use in these locations.

Service Animals

Service animals for guests with disabilities are permitted in Target Field. If any accommodations are required, please contact the Guest Services Staff at 800-33-TWINS or 612-33-TWINS (voice) or 612-659-3648 (TTY) or visit one of our Guest Services Centers, located on the Main Concourse near Section 113 and on the Terrace Concourse near Section 204.

Suites & Club Seating

The Suite Level and all individual suites at Target Field are fully wheelchair-accessible. The Suite Level can be accessed by first entering through either Ramp A or Gate 29, and then taking elevators 9-12 to the Suite Level. A guest drop-off area is located outside of Gate 29 and Gate 14 for vehicles displaying a handicapped sticker or license plate. All gates at Target Field are ADA accessible. If a guest that utilizes a wheelchair will be attending a game in a private suite, we will remove an exterior chair to allow that guest access to view the game from the balcony of the suite. A 24 hour notice is appreciated to best prepare the suite for that guest.

Both the Champion's Club and Legend's Club are fully wheelchair-accessible. There is a private club in each of these levels for guests that have tickets for that particular seating area, and these clubs are fully accessible. Both of these premium seating areas have ample Ucare accessible seating.

Telephone/TTY Phones

There are courtesy phones and TTY phones available at both of the Guest Services Centers, located on the Main Concourse near Section 113 and on the Terrace Concourse near Section 204.

Ticket Sales

UCare Accessible Seats are available at all price levels. View Seating & Pricing »

Orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability.

Placing an order:

You can purchase tickets online by clicking on the green button below: Buy Tickets Now »

To order tickets by phone, please call us at either 1-800-33-TWINS or 612-33-TWINS. If you are using a TTY phone, please call us at 612-659-3648.

Tickets can be purchased in person Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at the Main Box Office, located on the Target Plaza, between Gate 29 and Gate 34. There are also ticket windows next to gates 3, 6, and 14. Tickets may also be purchased in person at the Twins Pro Shops located in Apple Valley, Roseville, and Minnetonka.

*Be advised the Minnesota Twins reserve the right to take appropriate action against individuals who fraudulently obtain wheelchair and companion seating tickets including, but not limited to, ejection and legal action.*