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2012 Marlins Visit Our Troops

Marlins Troop Visit 2011
Marlins Wrap Up Fourth Visit to the Troops

The Marlins fourth overseas has come to an end. The latest installment featured players and staff visiting U.S. troops stationed in Japan, Guam and Hawaii from December 1-15. Last year, the Marlins became the first Major League Baseball team to take active players to visit U.S. troops. At that time, the group had visited military bases in Iraq and Kuwait. Earlier this year, players and front office staff traveled to Bahrain, Germany and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Throughout the tour, Marlins players and front office staff participated in activities such as Baseball Clinics, Dance Clinics, Meet and Greets, an adult Softball Game and tours of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and Hiroshima, Japan.

The Marlins were represented by catcher Brett Hayes, outfielders Mike Stanton and Bryan Peterson, Vice Chairman, Joel Mael, VP and General Counsel, Derek Jackson and Game Presentation & Events Supervisor, Luis Dones. The Club also sent team mascot Billy The Marlin as well as Ashley, Jackie and Stephanie of the Mermaids.

Check below for all a full recap of the trip featuring news updates, live blogs, photos, videos and more!

Ask the Troops & Travelers

Submit a question to the troops or to one of the Marlins travelers on the trip overseas. They will be used to film video clips and check back here throughout the trip to watch the videos and see if your question gets answered.

Previous Troop Visits

Check out videos, photos, articles, blogs and more from the previous Marlins troop visits to Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Germany and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Troops Visit 2010        Troops Visit 2011

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Live Blog
Check out the most recent blog entries from our current Troops Visit.


    How ironic that our continuing tour of American military bases brought us to Hiroshima on the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This was a very special anniversary since the Society of Pearl Harbor survivors is being disbanded this year as most of the remaining men are into their 90’s. This is the […]

  • Mermaid Madness

    Currently in the beautiful country of Japan, our experience so far with the Miami Marlins “troops visit” has been spectacular. Not only has the trip been a real culture shock, it also has been a true blessing to be across the world with such amazing men and women in the armed forces. With Captain John […]

  • Semper Fi

    So far on our journey we’ve visited an Air Force base (Yakota AB), an army post (Camp Zama) and a naval base (Yokosuka Naval Base). Although they’re all run with the military precision we’ve come to expect on this tour, they each had their own distinct feel, as if each branch of service has its […]

  • Joel Mael, Vice Chairman
    Joel Mael,
    Vice Chairman
  • Derek Jackson, Vice President & General Counsel
    Derek Jackson,
    Vice President & General Counsel
  • Luis Dones, Mr. Marlin
    Luis Dones,
    Supervisor of Game Presentation & Events
  • Brett Hayes, Catcher
    Brett Hayes,
  • Mike Stanton, Outfielder
    Mike Stanton, Outfielder
  • Bryan Petersen, Outfielder
    Bryan Petersen,
  • Billy the Marlin
    Billy the Marlin
  • Marlins Mermaids - Jackie
  • Marlins Mermaids - Ashley
  • Marlins Mermaids - Stephanie