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Group Fundraising

The Los Angeles Dodgers make it easy, fun and affordable to enjoy Major League Baseball while raising funds for your favorite non-profit organization, baseball team, or school.

  1. Pick a game date
  2. Pick a location (s)
  3. Buy tickets at a discount
  4. Sell them for up to face value and keep the profit

Place Deposit

A group representative will contact you within a few days of placing your deposit to get your date preferences. Once pricing and locations are available, you will be required to pay the remaining balance of the order. Group tickets will not be available for Opening Day. Please note: you are not guaranteed a specific date, price or location until your order has been finalized.

2-Star games in the Reserve MVP
Regular Price is $35 per ticket
Your cost is $27 per ticket
Your profit is $8 per ticket for each ticket sold
Sell 200 tickets
Do the math: 200 x $8 =$1,600!

*based on 2015 pricing

Group Fundraising

Make sure to talk to your Group Sales Representative about how to make your game day even more special for your organization (subject to availability and ticket purchase requirements). For more information: call 323-224-1421 or submit a request.

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