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Reference Guide

Minute Maid Park

Located in the heart of downtown Houston, Minute Maid Park combines the feel of a classic old-time park with the amenities of a modern one.

  • A-to-Z Guide

    Learn everything you'll ever want to know about Minute Maid Park! The information is presented in alphabetical order for your ease of use.

  • Park Map

    Find everything you are looking for on this level-by-level map of Minute Maid Park.

  • Directions

    Coming from across town? Read our step-by-step directions on the best way to get to Minute Maid Park.

  • Concessions

    Get the inside scoop on all the great eats at Minute Maid Park.

  • Ballpark Tours

    Minute Maid Park is one of the most unique locations in Houston to bring your family, friends or clients for an experience like no other.

  • Parking

    Find parking at Minute Maid Park easily with these great suggestions!

  • Facts & Figures

    Looking for specific information about Minute Maid Park? Find it here on our Facts & Figures page.

  • Portraits

    Make a memory last a lifetime with a special portrait at Minute Maid Park.

  • Security

    Safety is our top priority so find out more about how we make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience at Minute Maid Park.

  • Game Postponement

    Learn about the policies of the Astros if a game is postponed at Minute Maid Park.