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Pirates Charities 50/50 Raffle


Thank you for your support of the Pirates Charities 50/50 Raffle!

Each game's winning ticket number will be displayed here within three (3) business days of the game date.

Game Winning Ticket Winning Amount Prize Claimed? Total Raised Winner Charity Raffle Prize
March 4
vs. Blue Jays
A-14645 $1,671 Yes
March 5
vs. Yankees
A-38171 $1,862 Yes
March 7
vs. Rays
A-33570 $1,610 Yes
March 9
vs. Twins
A-25013 $1,792 Yes
March 12
vs. Red Sox
A-55276 $1,707 Yes
March 13
vs. Twins
A-47591 $1,720 Yes
March 15
vs. Orioles
A-35414 $2,118 Yes
March 17
vs. Astros
A-20000 $1,751 Yes
March 18
vs. Tigers
A-51016 $2,015 Yes
March 20
vs. Phillies
A-36300 $1,573 No
March 21
vs. Red Sox
A-13130 $2,271 Yes
March 24
vs. Orioles
A-18218 $1,390 No
March 26
vs. Braves
A-27977 $1,140 Yes