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Cubs 50/50 Raffle

Play to win for Chicago Cubs Charities! One lucky fan at each Cubs home game will walk away as the winner of a significant cash prize in this split the pot raffle. Fans may purchase 50/50 raffle tickets from uniformed Chicago Cubs Charities raffle ticket sellers starting two hours before the game until the middle of the seventh inning. The winning ticket will be announced by the top of the ninth inning and the winner will receive a check for half of the net proceeds from the game's raffle ticket sales that day. The other half will benefit Chicago Cubs Charities. For more information please call the Raffle Hotline at (773) 404-4726.

Prize claims may be made at the Raffle kiosk, Fan Services or by calling (773)404-4726 for further instructions. All prize claims must be made within ten (10) business days of the raffle. For raffle rules, please click here. Thanks for supporting Chicago Cubs Charities.

The winning number is the number announced by Chicago Cubs Charities on the day of the drawing. Please reconfirm winning number before claiming by calling the Raffle Hotline, visiting the Raffle Kiosk or Fan Services.

50/50 Raffle Results

Game Winning Ticket Winning Amount Prize Claimed? Total Raised Winner Charity Raffle Prize
April 10
vs. Dodgers
A544570 $42,618
April 12
vs. Dodgers
B298622 $38,451
April 13
vs. Dodgers
C421092 $17,142
April 14
vs. Pirates
D416993 $24,574
April 15
vs. Pirates
E567212 $53,847
April 16
vs. Orioles
F253424 $28,362
April 17
vs. Brewers
G425625 $14,366
April 18
vs. Brewers
H303998 $18,616
April 19
vs. Pirates
I324858 $13,992
May 1
vs. Rays
J211427 $8,632
May 2
vs. Phillies
K343670 $16,266
May 3
vs. Phillies
L291721 $18,260
May 4
vs. Phillies
M515184 $15,087
May 5
vs. Yankees
N482569 $29,013
May 6
vs. Yankees
O478238 $27,948
May 7
vs. Yankees
P459420 $23,540
May 16
vs. Reds
Q117478 $27,979
May 17
vs. Reds
R599149 $17,613
May 18
vs. Reds
S226095 $14,911
May 19
vs. Brewers
S323482 $9,504
May 20
vs. Brewers
Game Postponed $0
May 21
vs. Brewers
T163170 $34,337
May 22
vs. Giants
U367252 $16,966
May 23
vs. Giants
V392018 $7,815
May 24
vs. Giants
W414242 $14,352
May 25
vs. Giants
X226636 $16,165