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FAQ - 2013 Ticket Prices

Q: What are some of the changes to the pricing for White Sox games in 2013?
A: The White Sox are lowering prices or maintaining the same price for 87% of season tickets. Our ultimate goal is to give every single baseball fan-it doesn't matter if you're a diehard fan or a casual fan-the opportunity to come to the ballpark. There should be a ticket plan that fits into everybody's budgets with these changes for 2013.

Q: What caused these changes in pricing?
A: The White Sox changed the prices based on research and fan feedback. We commissioned a significant research project by Rich Luker, creator of the ESPN Sports Poll, that asked a lot of questions of our fans. After hearing back from more than 9,000 fans in this research project, we listened to what we heard from White Sox fans.

These changes in ticket prices for 2013 reflect what we heard and learned, but we think fans also will enjoy other changes they will hear about this offseason.

Q: What are some of the highlights of the changes?
We are guaranteeing, with the exception of Opening Day and the two games vs. the Cubs, that there are seats for $20 in the lower deck. When those seats sell out, they're sold out.

The same goes for the upper level with our $7 tickets. Every single game, with the exception of Opening Day and the two Cubs games, there are always going to be tickets available for $7, until they are sold out.

Q: Are there changes in the cost of parking?
A: Yes, parking has decreased to $20 - was previously $23 on weekends and $25 on weekdays. Parking was one of our loudest complaints.

Q: How will these changes affect the White Sox use of dynamic ticket pricing?
A: Like many other baseball teams, and like what we did last year, we will be dynamically-pricing our entire ballpark for individual game tickets - outside the sections that have the $20 and $7 seats. We know our fans are aware that dynamic price also leads to some pretty good deals for fans.

Q: Are the games still classified in the categories such as 'Prime,' 'Premier,' and 'Regular.'
A: No, we are eliminating what had been our prime, our premier and our regular games.

Q: Will any fans see an increase in the price of tickets?
A: A small number of season ticket holders with the very best seats in the ballpark will see an increase. Essentially, we are talking those fans who have seats nearest the field between the bases. We thought it was important to reach out to these fans personally to explain our plans, so our ticket sales staff began these calls in mid October.

We have created three areas with tiered pricing in 2013 in what has been our premium lower box. The first 25 rows are being divided into two separate tiers, and those prices are increasing. For rows 26 and beyond, prices are staying the same.

Q: What is the ultimate goal of these changes?
A: To make games a more affordable and enjoyable experience and to attract more fans to U.S. Cellular Field. Fans make a difference. If there is anything that we have learned since the World Series, it's that fans make a difference. Whether providing that spark as the 10th man, which might sound cliché, but when there are more fans here, it adds to our overall experience.