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Inside the Clubhouse: The Journey
12/17/2010 2:32 PM ET

"The Journey" can be defined as the drive to the 2010 postseason for the World Champion San Francisco Giants. The show begins with the Dodgers series in mid-September and takes you all the way through the World Series with exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews along the way. SFG Productions, the in-house production company of the San Francisco Giants traveled more than 16,000 miles, from Colorado to Atlanta to Philadelphia to Texas and finishing up at City Hall in San Francisco to bring this story home. The incredible journey of the 2010 season was 52 years in the making.

Highlights from the show include: exclusive dugout and clubhouse footage from the postseason.

Story lines include: the heroics of Andres Torres, who rushed back from an emergency appendectomy in less than two weeks, as well as Giants Broadcaster Jon Miller's musings about how Torres was a team leader despite becoming an everyday player just this past year, to fan-favorite Cody Ross on why his post-season explosion wasn't a fluke. Also included is former Giants' Rookie of the Year (1973) Gary Mathews' thoughts on what sets Buster Posey apart from other young big leaguers and why he felt Buster was the NL rookie of the Year before the award was announced. Lastly, Giants President Larry Baer analyzes why he thinks Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean work so well together.

SFG Productions shot roughly 91 hours of footage from Mid-September through November 3 to create Inside the Clubhouse: The Journey. Viewers will be able to watch this journey on Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area at 9 p.m. on Sunday, December 19.

Watch "The Journey" on Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area:
  • 12/19, Sunday @ 9:00 p.m.
  • 12/23, Thursday @ 6:30 p.m.
  • 12/25, Saturday @ 2:30 p.m.
  • 12/26, Sunday @ Noon

Watch "The Journey" and exclusive behind the scenes footage at

Soundbytes from "The Journey":

Brian Wilson response during Spring Training when asked what the best way to close a game is:
"Best way to close a game is to throw a fastball down the middle, he swings and misses three straight times, game over, we're dog-piling on the mound because it's the World Series. That's the game I just closed, then we do a parade in San Francisco. Everyone goes nuts and we come up with some sort of a rap like the football players do. The media makes fun of us for it because we're not singers and we go to Disneyland or Disneyworld depending on which part of the world you live in."

Brian Sabean on the Giants fans at AT&T Park:
"This is a tough place to play now. This is right up there with Philly and New York and Boston. Our crowd is as raucous and into it and protective of their team as anybody in the country."

Cody Ross on his postseason hitting:
"You can't go up there thinking about trying to hit a homerun because you're going to just find yourself back on the bench wondering why did I just do that? So you have to go up there and just try to square a ball up, put a good swing on a pitch, and wherever it goes, but yeah you can't go up there trying to hit homeruns."

Tim Kurkjian of ESPN on the NLCS game 1 pitching matchup:
"I'm not sure that I can remember a Game 1 starting matching that I've looked forward to more than this. I've covered baseball for 30 years. I've seen Roger Clemens against Dwight Gooden in their prime. I saw Clemens against Pedro Martinez, but this is so different given how great these two guys were in their last postseason starts, both of them historic of course. I just love the fact that they don't look anything alike. One guy is 6-foot-6, the other guy is 5-foot-11, one guy has 60 pounds on the other, one has a full beard and the other guy doesn't have to shave. It's a beautiful match up. I can't wait to see how this turns out."

Brian Murphy of KNBR discussing the personalities on the 2010 Giants team:
"Whether it's long-haired Lincecum, bearded Brian Wilson, rally thong Aubrey Huff or scrap heap Pat Burrell. I only say that because Tampa Bay released him. You wind up enjoying each individual story winding up as a whole. It's something larger than a whole. To me, as a fan, it's the best kind of story."

Tim Lincecum on the warm reception given to him by Philly fans:
"I've never been whistled at that much. I mean, the Phillies must like something about me, the Philly fans."

Cast List
Jon MillerGiants Broadcaster
Ken BurnsEmmy Award Winning Director
Mike KrukowGiants Broadcaster
Brian SabeanGiants General Manager
Bruce BochyGiants Manager
Duane KuiperGiants Broadcaster
Bill NeukomGiants Managing General Partner & Chief Executive Officer
Larry BaerPresident and Chief Operating Officer
Brian MurphyKNBR Morning Show Host
Tim KurkjianESPN Baseball Analyst
Hensley MeulensGiants Batting Coach
Henry SchulmanSan Francisco Chronicle Giants Beat Writer
and members of the 2010 World Series Champion Giants

SFG Productions is the official in-house production company of the San Francisco Giants. SFG Productions content can be viewed exclusively on the 103' by 31' 6" High Definition video board at AT&T Park, on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, and on This exclusive content is designed to keeps fans informed, energized and engaged.

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