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Ground Rules

Read the Ground Rules for Fenway Park below.

  • Fenway Park Ground Rules

    • Foul poles, screen poles and screen on top of left field fence are outside playing field.
    • A ball going through scoreboard, either on the bound or fly, is two bases.
    • A fly ball striking left-center field wall to right of line behind flag pole is a home run.
    • A fly ball striking wall or flag pole and bounding into bleachers is a home run.
    • A fly ball striking line or right of same on wall in center is a home run.
    • A fly ball striking wall left of line and bounding into bullpen is a home run.
    • A ball sticking in the bullpen screen or bouncing into the bullpen is two bases.
    • A batted or thrown ball remaining behind or under canvas or in tarp cylinder is two bases.
    • A ball striking the top of the scoreboard in left field in the ladder below top of wall and bounding out of the park is two bases.